Wed.Oct 21, 2020

Tesla Breaks Another Record — This Time For Energy Storage Installations


Tesla has broken yet another record. This time it's for energy storage installations. Tesla's storage business deployed 750 MWh in.

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Europe’s wood pellet market is worsening environmental racism in the American South


Europe’s wood pellet market is worsening environmental racism in the American South. Danielle Purifoy. Wed, 10/21/2020 - 00:45.

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Tesla “Full Self-Driving” Starts Rolling Out — What Is It?


Ten days ago, Tesla CEO Elon Musk tweeted in response to a CleanTechnica article that Tesla's "Full Self-Driving" suite would start rolling out to a select group of drivers on.

America Steps Forward To Expand Nuclear Power

Jim Conca

DOE awarded TerraPower/GE Hitachi and X-energy an initial $80 million each to commercialize their advanced nuclear reactors, planning up to $3.2 billion. They also approved a $1.4 billion award to UAMPS for the development and construction of a 720 MWe NuScale small modular nuclear power plant.

New Approach To Li-Ion Battery Efficiency At Stanford Puts Out Fires


There's a new approach that is boosting the efficiency of lithium-ion batteries that also puts out fires — making the batteries fireproof.

Microsoft, Tiffany help carve out new responsible mining standard


Microsoft, Tiffany help carve out new responsible mining standard. Jesse Klein. Wed, 10/21/2020 - 00:01. Not many audits are 14 years in the making.

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The Role of Innovation in Changing Behavior Towards a Circular Economy


The Role of Innovation in Changing Behavior Towards a Circular Economy. Date/Time: November 12, 2020 (8-9PM ET / 5-6PM PT). By 2030 plastic waste is expected to increase by more than 50% to 330 million tons per annum if business continues as usual.

Hummer Vs. Tesla Cybertruck: The Grudge Match Of The Century


Late next year, the Hummer Edition 1 will begin rolling off the assembly line. But the Tesla Cybertruck may get to market first. Clean Transport Electric Vehicles Electric Hummer Electric SUV electric trucks GM GMC Hummer by GMC Rivian Tesla

No more plastic pollution: How to give a Christmas present to the Earth

The Environmental Blog

Does our planet like Christmas? If Earth could speak, I’m sure it would say “Hell, no!”. Sorry for wearing my Grinch hat, but I’d be much greener than Santa Claus by all means! Instead of writing a letter to Santa this year, I took my ambition up a notch and wrote this post to all human beings.

How Volta Charging’s Innovative CTO Is Taking Networked EV Chargers To The Next Level


How does the future of mobility shift? Does new technology disrupt the transportation landscape with seismic force? Or does it slide in like a sly dinner guest, slowly and quietly winning friends and influencing industries.

Oil companies use cooling technology to continue Arctic drilling

Inhabitat - Innovation

Big oil companies are now turning to technology to protect their business from the effects of climate change

Revov South Africa Goes Big On Second-Life Batteries For Stationary Storage Applications


Revov South Africa is going big on second-life batteries for stationary storage applications. .

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Wood dome amphitheater produces artificial rain shower in the Belgian forest

Inhabitat - Innovation

Clad in soft brown cedar, the dome comes complete with a stage designed to host open-air performances with the structure acting as a natural, sculptural backdrop


Spring Hill, Tennessee — Looking Forward, Looking Back


General Motors says it will invest $2 billion to renovate the Spring Hill factory in Tennessee to build electric cars, starting with the Cadillac Lyriq. Electric Cars Cadillac Lyriq Electric SUV General Motors Saturn Corporation

Energy-neutral House of Eemnes is a sustainable culture house

Inhabitat - Innovation

Thirty minutes east of Amsterdam, the municipality of Eemnes has recently welcomed a beautiful community center for everyone in the town to gather, play and learn

GMC HUMMER EV: Big, Bad, Pricey — But With Less Guilt, & WTF


If you are anything like me, you perhaps thought that the original gas-powered HUMMER was one of the worst products to ever be brought to market.

Heated plastic baby bottles release millions of microplastics in formula

Inhabitat - Innovation

Babies around the world are consuming over 1.5 million microplastics daily

Top 5 Habits You Can Get Into That Improve Your Home’s Efficiency


Improve your home's efficiency by adopting these 5 habits. Buildings Consumer Technology Energy Efficiency A/C clothes washers dishwashers fans home efficiency washing clothes

DIY Halloween costumes for this year's virtual parties

Inhabitat - Innovation

Even your virtual Halloween party can be fun and eco-friendly with a handmade costume


Porsche Taycan Collabs With Apple Podcasts & Apple Music Lyrics


Porsche has fully integrated Apple Podcasts and Apple Music lyrics into its all-electric Taycan. Let's stroll through what that means. Clean Transport Consumer Technology Electric Cars Electric Vehicles Apple Apple Music Apple Podcast Porsche Porsche Taycan

Renault unveils Mégane eVision e-hatchback and budget-priced Dacia Spring Electric


At a recent press event (virtual of course), Renault unveiled a sleek new electric hatchback and an inexpensive new EV under the Dacia brand. The Renault Mégane eVision, built on the new modular CMF-EV platform, will serve as the basis of a production EV to be launched next year.

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Tesla Needs These Affordable, Localized, Mass-Market Models


Elon Musk has previously expressed his concern that there is a lot of demand for Tesla autos from people who don’t have enough money to buy one. This was met with some laughter.

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Can US Lawmakers Agree on Big Climate and Clean Energy Legislation?


Most U.S. voters now favor action on climate change. But even if November brings a win for Joe Biden, who has vowed to transition the country’s electricity system to carbon-free sources by 2035, significant policy changes are far from a given.

Food waste app becomes official partner of Circular Yorkshire Month

Envirotec Magazine

Too Good To Go , billed as “the food app with a conscience”, has announced that it has joined Circular Yorkshire Month as an official partner.

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Tesla Hits Its ‘Best Quarter in History’ in Q3


After years in which making money seemed largely beside the point, electric car leader Tesla showed investors Wednesday that it can make substantial quarterly profits. The company delivered a record number of cars in the third quarter, created a record $1.4

ZF orders another bdtronic trickle impregnation machine for EV motor production


bdtronic , a German mechanical engineering company and process specialist, will provide ZF Friedrichshafen with another trickle impregnation machine for electric motor production.

Why Build a Power Plant if You Can Make a Virtual One?


The utilities of yesteryear had an obvious solution whenever they needed more power: simply build a new coal- or gas-fired plant.

We need to mine deep-sea metals to power the energy transition: DeepGreen CEO Gerard Barron


Environmentalists say mining the deep sea will irreparably damage nature's last frontier. The man leading one of the world's biggest deep sea mining companies argues it is needed in the fight against climate change

Iberdrola’s Avangrid to Acquire Southwest Utility PNM Resources


Iberdrola’s Avangrid has agreed to acquire PNM Resources, owner of regulated utilities in New Mexico and Texas, enlarging what is already one of the largest U.S. utility groups — and one with an aggressive focus on renewable energy.

Secha Capital reaches first close of second fund for early-stage enterprises in South Africa

Impact Alpha

ImpactAlpha, October 21 – Johannesburg-based Secha Capital launched its first fund in 2017 to prove the investment case for “boring” companies with solid revenues. Secha will soon close its tenth investment from the 35 million rand ($2.7 million) “proof of concept” fund.

A Blockchain-Enabled Smart Meter for Clean Power Trading?


Blockchain’s energy sector uses range from the highly speculative—think peer-to-peer energy trading using cryptocurrency raised in initial coin offerings (ICOs)—to more incremental efforts, grounded in real-world challenges of operating an increasingly decentralized power grid.

How disease-focused venture philanthropy can accelerate cures

Impact Alpha

Just a few weeks after our son’s second birthday, when emergency room doctors told us his body had destroyed his ability to make insulin, he joined more than 1.6 million Americans living with type one diabetes (T1D).

Great ways to reduce plastic use in your home: Part 1 – what and why

Low Impact

Are you struggling to reduce plastic use in your home? In this first instalment from, we learn why we should be aiming to reduce our plastic use, why recycling isn’t enough and how to get stated reducing food-related plastic waste.

1 GWh of Daily Solar Production Is Optimized and Monitored by Tigo Solutions Globally


The installed base spans residential, commercial, and utility sites on all 7 continents