Sun.Jan 12, 2020

Is It True That A Tesla Creates More Pollution Than A Conventional Car?


This question gets asked a lot: "Is it true that a Tesla creates more pollution than a conventional car?" It is often asked without any real interest in the answer, but more as a statement that this might be a possibility. It is part of the propaganda against electric vehicles.

Glenfield Invicta merger

Envirotec Magazine

Move prioritises “clarity, service and growth”. Glenfield and Invicta, two well-known and long-established brands in the water sector, have announced they are merging their operations from 6 January 2020. The new organisation will carry the name, Glenfield Invicta.

Waste 130

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Largest Electric School Bus Program In United States Launching In Virginia


Dominion Energy has partnered with local Virginia school districts to begin replacing diesel buses with 100% electric school buses in phases.

Fire-scorched Australia’s hottest and driest year on record leaves government unmoved


The climate-cooked nation reports 2019 was its hottest and driest year on record, but Australia’s leaders continue to defy calls to step up climate action

Natural Gas Provided False Promise, Deception — Severe Health Problems From “Natural” Gas


Pleasantly called natural gas and sold to many as a better solution, a good transition fuel, natural gas has been dominating new US electricity capacity alongside renewable energy. Yet, hydraulic fracking absolutely takes the "natural" out of it.

Xiamen leads the way in tackling ocean trash


The city is using cameras to help recover marine plastics and identify major sources, but much work remains

Tesla’s Full Stack Disruption


Tesla concepts of mobility outgrew legacy brands from the day the first Tesla rolled onto the market. The new company did not fit into any existing auto-manufacturer slot. Tesla jumped away from the crowd conceptually, and as we can see by now, landed on its feet.

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Ideal Sentry Mode Evolution: Super Sentry


An idea for Tesla's Sentry Mode would be to make it crowdsourced, which could be called "Super Sentry" or "Crowd Sentry.".

Salty water in Bangkok is new 'reality' as sea pushes farther inland


Bangkok's water authority says tap water is becoming saline as seawater pushes up the depleted Chao Phraya river, a growing risk faced by many of Asia's coastal cities

Asia 78

How Can I Save Planet Earth?


When people ask the question, “what could I do to help save the planet?,” it is all too often on the same level as the whiny kid being asked to take on some responsibility. Those of you who have had, or still have, teenage children will know the kind of scenario.

Hydrogen & Fuel Cell International Forum Coming to San Diego in February


In-depth Forum to examine key advances and potential for green hydrogen in the evolving energy ecosystem

Like An Angel Is Pushing You From Behind


As a CEO of a large global automaker, you have a huge problem of existential dimensions. If you don’t solve it, it’s not just your job that’s lost, but you will be remembered as the person who is responsible for a century-long proud legacy ending.

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Who Ya Gonna Call? Brand-Killers…

Forbes Green Tech

When disruption occurs in a given industry, the critical success factors suddenly change, priorities shift, and whoever initiated the disruption has the advantage. The value of innovation lies not in avoiding others from copying you, but in getting them to want to copy you

How The Zayed Sustainable Prize Makes A Difference — 4 Interviews


I thought I would go back to the Zayed Sustainability Prize winners from last year to check what has changed and how the prize has impacted their operations.

Glasgow gets first fully-electric buses as it gears up for COP26

Business Green

Electric buses have begun operating in the Scottish city for the first time in half a century as the city sets its sights on net zero emissions by 2030

“Baby” Mustang Mach-E Planned, Volkswagen ID.3 In Storage (Pics)


Ford may be teaming up with Volkswagen to bring a new "baby" Mustang Mach-E electric SUV to market. The new car reportedly will be based on the MEB chassis.

Study: No net zero without 'significant' offshore wind investment

Business Green

Research from engineering experts Atkins warns net zero will not be reached in the UK without radical changes to the energy system

Event - World Economic Forum Annual Meeting 2020

Green Market Oracle

The World Economic Forum Annual Meeting will take place on January 21-24, 2020 in Davos-Klosters, Switzerland. The event has 7 themes and offers a diverse range of content delivered by 600 speakers and 150 webcast sessions.

Rising seas: Work begins on £40m tidal defence scheme in Great Yarmouth

Business Green

Upgrades to flood defences in Great Yarmouth will help protect the town against flooding driven by climate change

UK land area used to grow bioenergy crops shrinks in 2018

Business Green

Defra statistics show 1.6 per cent of UK's arable land was used to grow bioenergy crops for transport fuel, electricity, and biogas production last year

CES 2020: Gadgets for the climate crisis

Business Green

From pollution masks to 'impossible' pork, this year's Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas came face to face with the realities of life in a warming world