Sun.Jan 10, 2021

Five facts about unsustainable waste management in Singapore


Increased government and corporate accountability, including the full implementation of the EPR law and more investment into upcycling innovations, are equally critical to create a more sustainable waste management ecosystem in Singapore

Without Carbon Capture And Storage, The World Can’t Meet Its Climate Target

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If the world is to meet its climate goals under the Paris agreement, it must incorporate carbon capture and storage. The good news is that the technologies are getting better and cheaper. Energy /energy Business /business Energy /energy Innovation /innovation Green Tech /green-tech Business energy


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How has container reuse scheme Muuse survived Covid?


A rent-and-return system for food and drink takeaways has faced an uncertain future after the closure of retailers and fears reusables could spread Covid-19. But COO Jonathan Tostevin says the tipping point for reusables is near

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China Quits Recycling U.S. Trash As Sustainable Start-Up Makes Strides

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A Virginia based company making to-go boxes is one example of how U.S. made recycling solutions don't need China to take our junk. Markets /markets Money /money Markets /markets Innovation /innovation Green Tech /green-tech investing kenrapozablog

Carbon pricing now


As the world marks both the fifth anniversary of the Paris climate agreement and the arrival of a more climate-aware US administration, the time has come to get serious about taxing or otherwise imposing a price on carbon

Terra Carta: Prince of Wales launches green recovery charter for business

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Heir to the throne touts 'comprehensive roadmap' for sustainable recovery to 2030 backed by Unilever, BP, BlackRock, Heathrow Airport, and others.

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Inaugural Frontline Community Fellows Imagine a New Economy, Build Community Learning Cohort

Front And Centered

In 2021, what do a Native artist center, BIPOC food share program, Latinx community agriculture, driver’s union, and community owned real estate and social impact business, have in common?

Dangerously hotter cities await 2100’s residents


In the concrete jungle, the most dramatic high-rise could be the mercury. Urban dwellers should expect much hotter cities


What Type of Residential Solar Is Best for Your Home?

Green Living Guy

Starting the search to find the best residential solar option for your home can be a bit of a daunting and intimidating task. There are different types of solar panels with various purposes, so how do you find which one is the best for you? Here is a general guide.

WWF Singapore comms manager Janissa Ng joins PR agency Spurwing


Ng returns to the agency side of communications after more than 4 years with the conservation group



Front And Centered

Inaugural Frontline Community Fellows Imagine a New Economy. Build Community Learning Cohort. In 2021, what do a Native artist center, BIPOC food share program, Latinx community agriculture, driver’s union, and community owned real estate and social impact business, have in common?

Poll: Renewables workers 'unfazed' by Covid-19 impact on industry

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Survey of energy professionals worldwide points to strong confidence in the future resilience of the fast-expanding renewables sector.

New, Cheap Electric Energy Storage System Like Pumped Hydro but Subterranean


Pumped Hydro Compressed Air Energy Storage (PHCAES) is a new system that can deliver stored energy at two to three cents per kilowatt-hour. This cost, far lower than that of lithium batteries, is similar to Pumped Hydro Energy Storage (PHES), a proven technology.

It is time to seal the marriage between carbon finance and forest protection

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CO2 from forest fires have the same climate cost as that from burning fossil fuels, yet funding for forest protection lags far behind, writes Matthew Spencer of IDH - the Sustainable Trade Initiative.

Nuro Gets California’s 1st Autonomous Vehicle Permit, Ouster Going Public


On Thursday, November 19, 2020, the California Public Utilities Commission (CPUC) approved the ability to both launch robotaxi services & autonomous delivery services and to charge for them. The first company to get a permit to do so is Nuro.

HSBC faces shareholder climate resolution from $2.4tr investor group

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Group of 117 institutional investors file resolution urging bank to phase out fossil fuel financing in compliance with the Paris Agreement.

A Guide To Fuel Efficient Driving — Part Three


While electric vehicles (EVs) are very slowly taking over the world, most people still drive gasoline and diesel powered vehicles, known as internal combustion engine (ICE) vehicles.

Save your energy for a greener 2021

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Smart Energy GB and Energy Saving Trust reveal five simple energy saving actions that will help small business owners in the retail sector to cut down on their environmental impact.

Rare Earth Minerals Might Be Found in More Places


Irish researchers recently figured out where a lot more rare earth minerals could be found, which could make a big difference for renewable energy technologies. Clean Power Clean Transport Cleantech News Research Science rare earth minerals

Climate Action Hawk Arnold Schwarzenegger Brings Conan Sword Down Upon Trump Enablers


Arnold Schwarzenegger has become a leading voice for climate action and now he has something to say about Trump enablers, too. Policy & Politics Arnold Schwarzenegger California climate action College Republicans Congress Donald Trump Republicans united states US

New Zealand & Others Set Example Of How To Fight Invasive Species


Invasive species around the world pose special challenges for communities. Climate Change Policy & Politics Water invasive species Maine Lakes Society nature conservancy Predator Free 2050 Sand Dam Reservoir Association

How Is Crowd-Driven AI Image Analysis Changing Algorithmic Training?


In the era of quickly-evolving AI, humans can still lend a helping hand. Investment Research Science AI artificial intelligence International Institute for Applied Systems Analysis Picture Pile Platform

Trump Proved That Clean Energy Can’t Be Beat


Here's a quick review of the ways Trump and other Republicans tried to stack the deck against renewables, electric vehicles, and other clean technologies, and look at why they failed.

What Drove Surprise Release Of Tesla Model Y Standard Range?


Half a year after Elon Musk said, in July 2020, that Tesla would not launch an under-250-mile-range Model Y Standard Range, the company did just that, rolling out the cheaper Model Y on its website on Thursday, January.

CATL Putting $3 Billion Into 3 New Battery Factories, LG Chem Doubling Its China-Made Battery Production


The two largest EV battery producers in the world, as I recently reported, are CATL and LG Energy Solution (formerly LG Chem). They intend to stay at the top. On the last day of 2020, CATL announced a 39 billion yuan ($5.9 billion) investment into three new battery factories in China.

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We love our readers. We couldn't exist without our readers. Plus, we seem to have a lot in common. Clean Power Clean Transport CleanTechnica Electric Vehicles Solar Energy Wind Energy cleantechnica reader survey Could Buy Automaker, Waymo Ditching “Self-Driving,” Xpeng Adds Lidar — Autonomous Driving Updates


Stories related to autonomous driving tech have been building up, so I'm going to run through a few of them right here., Waymo, and Xpeng each have some news to bring to the table. Autonomous Vehicles Cars Clean Transport Consumer Technology Electric Cars Electric Vehicles