Thu.Oct 15, 2020

The Loophole the Auto Industry Uses in the EU to Evade the Emission Rules


Years ago I wrote about my expectation, based on simple logic, that around this time, in the C-segment (e.g., Volkswagen Golf) and the lower-cost models of the D-segment (e.g., Skoda Superb), fully electric autos would become price competitive with their fossil fuel ancestors.

IKEA will buy back used furniture in stand against 'excessive consumption'


IKEA will buy back used furniture in stand against 'excessive consumption'. Cecilia Keating. Thu, 10/15/2020 - 00:45.

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EU Lawmakers: Fossil Fuels Have No Place In EU Recovery Fund


If you're just tuning into 2020, the short summary is a nasty little virus spread across the world, killed 1.1 million people (probably considerably more, actually), and led to economic shutdowns that threw an enormous amount of hurt on societies across the globe.

How Does Radiation Work?

The Environmental Blog

For over a century now, radiation has been explored and leveraged to provide various solutions in our hospitals. Perhaps you are already familiar with radiotherapy for cancer. After all, at least half of cancer patients go through it at some point. But how does radiation therapy work?

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Which Electric Vehicles Have The Longest Range?


Plug In America recently asked the question, "Which electric vehicles have the longest range?" It then dove in to answer that question. I'm going diving with them.

Water documentary to screen on Netflix in October

Envirotec Magazine

A powerful documentary that aims to drive positive change in water is set to reach a global audience of millions.

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Competition for Solar Tax Equity Is Reaching a Fever Pitch


The solar industry will require $7 billion to $8 billion of tax capacity from external investors in 2020, according to a new Wood Mackenzie research insight. But the competition to secure that investment is tighter than ever. Tax equity for solar projects has gotten a lot of attention this year.

SpaceX To Launch Sentinel-6 Michael Freilich Satellite On November 10


The Sentinel-6 Michael Freilich satellite will bring a new level of precision to measuring the amount and rate of sea level rise in 90% of the world's oceans. Climate Change Science Climate change European Space Agency NASA sea level rise Sentinel-6 Michael Freilich

Artist creates mesmerizing paintings using coal pollution from local streams

Inhabitat - Innovation

A group of artists, engineers and dedicated community members are finding ways to clean up local pollution and turn it into something meaningful

Solar Saves Austin Central Library $100,000 A Year


Austin Central Library (ACL) has gone solar, and it's saving a lot of money as a result. Specifically, from a 180 kW solar array on its roof, the library is saving $100,000 a year. Austin, Texas, has a goal of reaching 100% carbon-free electricity by.

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The Great Barrier Reef has lost 50% of its corals to climate change

Inhabitat - Innovation

A recent study has revealed that corals of the Great Barrier Reef have more than halved since 1995

Battery Fires May Slow The EV Revolution


Battery fire concerns strike Ford, Chevrolet, and Hyundai, endangering the EV revolution. Electric Cars Chevy Bolt EV battery fires Ford Escape PHEV Hyundai Kona Electric LG Chem

New solar-powered townhome community opens in Sonoma County

Inhabitat - Innovation

Round Barn is a new townhome community composed of eco-friendly, solar-powered residences in Santa Rosa’s historic Fountaingrove neighborhood

More & More Bus Fleets Transition From Diesel To Battery-Electric


Cites around the US are turning to electric buses to satisfy their zero emissions transit goals. Clean Transport Electric Vehicles Mass Transit / Public Transit BYD electric buses Paris climate agreement Proterra Proterra battery-electric buses Saf-T-Liner® C2 Jouley

Green-roofed theater in Shenzhen raises the bar for civic architecture

Inhabitat - Innovation

When the Pingshan District government in Shenzhen, China tapped OPEN Architecture to design the district’s first theater, the architects knew immediately that they wanted to create something different from the norm

To Pay or Not to Pay (the EU Fines) — the Carmakers’ Conundrum


As many know by now, the EU has put in place a regime that punishes carmakers that pollute “too much” — called Corporate Average Fuel Economy (CAFE) standards.

October 2020 Hydrogen and Breakthrough Energy Storage Breakfast Recap

CleanTech Alliance

“Of all the applications for hydrogen energy, I’m most bullish on its marine applications,” said Andrew Coors at the CleanTech Alliance Virtual Breakfast Series, sponsored by Perkins Coie. On Wednesday, October 14, Andrew Coors, the CEO of Steelhead Composites spoke to nearly 100 attendees about the various applications of hydrogen and breakthrough energy storage in […].

Elementary School District To Save $40 Million From Energy Efficiency & Solar


It's long been clear — solar energy is super hot, fun, and exciting, but energy efficiency is really where the gold is. You mention "energy efficiency," and many people's brains turn off while their eyes scan for an emergency exit.

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Apple aims to save the environment, one wall charger at a time

Inhabitat - Innovation

If your new, boxed iPhone 12 feels a little light, that might be because it doesn’t contain a wall charger or earbuds


Tesla Throwback Thursday — 1 & 5 Years Ago


A reader suggested a few weeks ago that we start a Tesla Throwback Thursday series to reflect on how Tesla has changed over time and how the media narrative around Tesla has changed.

Markets are looking beyond a potential “Blue Wave” to the growth opportunity in sustainability and inclusion

Impact Alpha

ImpactAlpha, Oct. 15 – “Pro-business” really does have a new meaning. Just a few weeks ago, U.S. investors were said to be fretting about higher taxes in a potential Biden administration.

Volkswagen’s Herbert Diess Supports Shell CEO’s Stance On Reshaping Shell Into Net-Zero Emissions Energy Business


Volkswagen Group CEO Herbert Diess lent his support on LinkedIn last week toward Royal Dutch Shell's CEO, Ben van Beurden, for Shell's decision to reshape itself. Clean Power Clean Transport Climate Change Electric Vehicles Fossil Fuels Green Economy Natural Gas Oil Solar Energy Wind Energy Ben van Beurden Herbert Diess Royal Dutch Shell shell volkswagen Volkswagen Group

FERC Order Will Restart PJM’s Capacity Market


The Federal Energy Regulatory Commission has issued an order that could allow mid-Atlantic grid operator PJM to restart the country’s biggest capacity auction by mid-2021 after a two-year delay.

As Renewable Energy Blossoms, Photo Ark Spotlights Wildlife Conservation


The Photo Ark project spotlights species at risk and underscores the importance of getting renewable energy right. Agriculture Clean Power agrivoltaic Electricity Energy Joel Sartore Nat Geo WILD National Geographic Photo Ark Renewable Energy united states US

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Array Technologies Shares Surge After First Big US Solar IPO of 2020


Array Technologies, a New Mexico-based maker of solar tracking systems, launched onto the Nasdaq Global Market on Thursday, capping one of the biggest U.S. renewable energy IPOs of recent years.

Scale-up data technology, water companies urged

Envirotec Magazine

There has been “significant growth” in the use of data by the UK water sector but technology now needs to be rolled out at scale if optimum benefits are to be felt over the next five years.

Green Republican Trammell S. Crow on Reshaping US Politics to Solve Climate Change


There is a lot of money in American politics. Campaign spending in 2020 is expected to reach $11 billion dollars — making it the most expensive election in U.S. history.

Gearing for growth: Water engineering firm appoints experienced hand as CFO

Envirotec Magazine

Water engineering solutions firm ELIQUO Hydrok has welcomed Peter Wroe as Chief Financial Officer (CFO) as of October 2020.

Eco-Business bags two prizes at WAN-IFRA Asian Digital Media Awards 2020


Eco-business won in the Best Branded Content Campaign for its multimedia exhibition Changing Course 2019, and also in Best Use of Online Video for its VR experience titled 'On This Earth


Rental platform Fluid Truck orders 600 Lightning Electric trucks


Fluid Truck, a national truck rental platform, plans to add 600 Lightning Electric vehicles to its offerings, beginning in Q4 2020. Fluid Truck allows businesses to rent vehicles through the company’s web site or mobile app, and pick them up from locations in major cities across the US at any time.