Wed.Nov 25, 2020

Top 7 Ways To Make Your Home Energy-Efficient

U.S. Green Technology

According to the Energy Saving Trust of UK, you can save as much as USD 100 per year by making your house energy efficient. But what does it mean to be energy efficient? It means using household items that have the same function for half the energy consumption.

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More pieces of IKEA's sustainability puzzle come together


More pieces of IKEA's sustainability puzzle come together. Deonna Anderson. Wed, 11/25/2020 - 08:00. Black Friday is upon us. For IKEA, that marks the expanded launch of a program to buy back furniture in an effort to curb consumption. "We We don't want to encourage people to overconsume.


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Ways to make dining out and entertainment more affordable

U.S. Green Technology

One of the recent studies shows that food spends costs, on average, about 10% of household earning. While there is nothing wrong with having a good meal, overspending on food can hurt, particularly if you have a debt to pay for your restaurant outings. Millions of Americans struggle with this.

Will shifting to smaller turkeys help combat food waste?


Will shifting to smaller turkeys help combat food waste? Jesse Klein. Wed, 11/25/2020 - 05:00. Thanksgiving looks different this year in America. Grandpas and grandmas, uncles and aunts, and cousins of all numbers probably aren’t gathering together for dinner, unless it’s over Zoom.

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Is Online or In-Store Shopping More Eco-Friendly?

U.S. Green Technology

The advance of online shopping The internet has offered an easy and quick solution to our love for shopping with a variety of options to select from. We can not only access products made in our locality but we can also purchase things from across borders without ever stepping out of our homes. As of.

Coal Country Can Retool Itself To The New Energy Future

Jim Conca

Coal Country must redefine itself in the new energy and economic future. They must move away from a single-industry economy toward more a diversified, sustainable economy that includes things like clean energy, environmental restoration, natural resources, broadband deployment, and entrepreneurship.

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The Ocean Cleanup launches sunglasses made from ocean plastic

Inhabitat - Innovation

Profits from the sunglasses go toward the organization's cleanup efforts in the Great Pacific Garbage Patch

ChargePoint’s Pasquale Romano on the state of electrification during the pandemic


ChargePoint’s Pasquale Romano on the state of electrification during the pandemic. This video is sponsored by ChargePoint. “We

Denmark's top fur cooperative is closing

Inhabitat - Innovation

While animal-lovers may rejoice at the end of Kopenhagen Fur, it comes after the culling of 17 million mink


Sponsored content: Cleaner air thanks to carbon filtration

Envirotec Magazine

During 2019, the UK Government set out its plans for reducing the levels of specific air pollutants, in a document called the Clean Air Strategy.

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Arplan envisions a new, green City Oasis for Latvia

Inhabitat - Innovation

City Oasis is expected to serve as an example of sustainable urban planning for the future

ZenBusiness raises $55 million to help micro-entrepreneurs grow their businesses

Impact Alpha

ImpactAlpha, November 25 — The economic shock of the COVID pandemic has devastated small businesses – and driven many others to open one. Dealflow Creative Economy Entrepreneurship Impact Tech Inclusive Economy


New eco-friendly, decomposing construction foam unveiled

Inhabitat - Innovation

Researchers have come up with a new, more eco-friendly and effective form of building insulation material. The new material was developed due to the shortcomings of the traditional polyurethane-based foam insulators

How Europe Can Build 100GW of Offshore Wind by 2030


Even for an offshore wind industry that is accustomed to all things being supersized, last week was a big week. On Wednesday the U.K. released its 10-point plan to achieve its target of net-zero carbon by 2050. At the top of the list was the already announced 40-gigawatt offshore wind target.

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Fram Museum extension is dedicated to environmental education

Inhabitat - Innovation

The building follows the architects' vision "that architecture exemplifies how we care for our environment

Grid Edge Innovation Summit 2020: IBM’s Brad Gammons on Utility Digitalization in the Age of Decarbonization


IBM has spent the past decade advancing smart meter and digital grid technologies around the world, including playing a key role in designing the "Smart Grid Maturity Model" that helped guide investment strategies for hundreds of millions of dollars in U.S.

Belgium’s biggest battery park set to open in 2021


Centrica Business Solutions set to optimise new virtual power plant to act as environmentally friendly back up to the grid in Belgium

GTM’s Book of Customs, Traditions and Etiquette, Volume V: Decentralized Dining, Demystified


Through upheaval and social discord, the celestial orb traces its seasonal journey nonetheless. Now, November wanes, slow-motion coups bed down for the winter, and temperatures have fallen like shares of ExxonMobil.

Call No. 25 recap: Gender smart investing for a sustainable recovery

Impact Alpha

ImpactAlpha, Nov. 25 – The pandemic’s disproportionate impact on women is exposing the need and opportunity for more investors to embrace a gender lens. Call Recording Gender Smart Women Rising

Wind Power Giant Vestas Launches Venture Capital Fund


Leading global wind turbine manufacturer Vestas has launched a venture capital unit as it looks to stoke the energy transition.

Big builders’ plans threaten to wreck forest survival


Plans by corporate power and government investors risk corporate good intentions and national vows for forest survival

More conductive copper could increase motor efficiency


Researchers at Pacific Northwest National Laboratory ( PNNL ) claim to have increased the conductivity of copper wire by about five percent. That may seem like a small amount, but it could make a big difference in motor efficiency.

G20 stimulus plans favouring fossil fuels


A ‘remarkable departure’ from long-term rises in energy-related emissions is being undermined by government responses to the pandemic, a new assessment has found

BASF markets anode binders for Li-ion batteries


Battery manufacturers are striving to increase capacity, reduce charging time and ensure an adequate supply of raw materials. BASF developed its new Licity range of binders in order to meet these needs.

Closing China’s waste management loop


There's been a lot of focus on getting households to sort their waste, but what happens after it's been collected

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Highview Power Breaks Ground on 250MWh CRYOBattery Long Duration Energy Storage Facility


Highview Power is beginning site work on 50MW/250MWh liquid air energy storage facility in Greater Manchester, United Kingdom. UK facility to be one of Europe's largest energy storage systems

Covid-19 prompts pivot to green alternative to rubber gloves


Malaysian firm Meditech Gloves will begin production of natural gloves that can biodegrade 100 times faster than synthetic, petroleum-based options

Thrive Global Interview with Seth Leitman, The Green Living Guy

Green Living Guy

I really want to thank Thrive Global, and Luis Jorge Rios, Combat Veteran Freelance Journalist at for publishing the story. It’s not often I get interviewed on feelings or stress. Moreover life itself. So it was nice to have the opportunity.


Factory_OS secures $55 million for better affordable housing design

Impact Alpha

ImpactAlpha, November 25 — Vallejo, Calif.-based based Factory_OS is addressing the affordable housing crisis in the San Francisco Bay Area using digital technology to. Dealflow Good Jobs Impact Tech Inclusive Economy Tech for Development



Reed Exhibitions Limited has announced that All-Energy, the UK's largest annual renewable and low carbon energy exhibition and conference - and the co-located Dcarbonise - will now take place on Wednesday 18 and Thursday 19 August 2021 at the Scottish Event Campus (SEC

Why impact investors should double down on democracy funding

Impact Alpha

The post-mortem on this election is far from over, but as the news of the past few weeks has unfolded, we are seeing. Impact Voices Civic Tech Democracy and Power Impact Tech Inclusive Economy Uncategorized


My bias, my bad…

Terra Infirma

At the weekend, I took part in unconscious bias training and, like Kylie, I can’t get it out of my mind. Now, as a good, big L Liberal, I thought, “OK, I know I should really do this, but I’m already painfully unbiased, aren’t I?

Sector Watch – How can Cleantech Safeguard our Indoor Environments?

CleanTech Group

The World Health Organization (WHO) estimates 92% of the global population live in areas where air pollution exceeds safe limits. Following global lock-downs due to Covid-19, people. Cleantech Insights Resources & Environment Sector Watch

The Brief: Gender-smart recovery (Call No. 25 recap), serving COVID’s new entrepreneurs, Heartland founders, funding democracy, curbing astroturfing

Impact Alpha

Greetings, Agents of Impact! We’re taking a brief break for the Thanksgiving holiday here in the U.S. We’ll be back in your inbox. The Brief