Sun.Mar 29, 2020

Tesla Owners In New York Want To Help Tesla Employees Who Are Making Ventilators


Inspired by Elon Musk and others who are trying to help during the coronavirus pandemic, a group of Tesla owners in New York are raising funds to buy donuts and coffee to bring (safely, of course) to Tesla employees making ventilators.

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A new recipe for instant noodles: One man’s quest to transform comfort food, and help the planet


He spent a big part of his career developing calorie-laden snacks. Now, entrepreneur Christoph Langwallner is reinventing instant noodles in his quest to promote sustainable agriculture and provide more nutritious comfort food

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No One Is Buying Canada’s Oil: A Preview Of The Near Future New Normal


When will Canada learn? Stop throwing money at the fossil fuel industry. Let it live or die on its own with its decades of profits. Shift investment to clean technologies, technologies which are also much lower in contagion pathways for Canadians.

Zero-carbon water pumps turn Pakistan's barren mountains green


Running only on fast-moving water, the pumps are cheap and easy to maintain, enabling farmers to grow fruit and vegetables

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Tesla Model Y & Model 3 Owner Shares 1st Thoughts On Model Y (+ Q&A For CleanTechnica Next Week)


I have to admit to some shame picking up my Tesla Model Y Performance in the middle of this pandemic, but Tesla has designed a thoughtful "touchless" delivery that minimizes chance for contact between customers and delivery staff.

Asia Pacific faring poorly on SDGs, marching backwards for two goals—UN


A surge in carbon emissions and failure to comply with hazardous waste policies are hindering Asia's progress towards the sustainable development goals. The degradation of its environmental resources is 'alarming', says lead author

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China drives first global coal capacity increase since Paris Agreement


China was behind a climate-crunching increase in coal power capacity in 2019, but globally the writing is on the wall for the world's dirtiest fossil fuel as new coal development drops again

2020 Fiat 500e — All-New & Electric Only (Gallery)


Earlier this month, Fiat unveiled its first new car that was designed -- from the outset -- to be a purely electric offering. Meet the all-new 2020 Fiat 500e that was supposed to debut at the Corona-cancelled Geneva show.

A major scorecard gives the health of Australia’s environment less than 1 out of 10


The report reveals the worst environmental conditions in many decades, if not centuries

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The Current & Coming Climate Crisis — Podcast With Michael Mann


In this episode of our CleanTech Talk podcast interview series, Michael Barnard, Chief Strategist of TFIE Strategy Inc.

How Much Will The Coronavirus Lockdown Reduce Greenhouse Gas Emissions In Europe? One Analyst Has An Answer

Forbes Green Tech

Greenhouse gas emissions in Europe will drop significantly in 2020 because of the coronavirus lockdown, according to a new projection

Researchers Discover A Bacteria That Eats Polyurethane. Is That A Big Deal?


Researchers in Leipzig have identified a new bacteria that survives by breaking down polyurethane, something never accomplished before in nature. Science bacteria Helmholtz Center for Environmental Research plastic recycling polyurethane

EneRate Credit Cover insurance policy applied to first C&I solar + storage project

Solar Power World

Energetic Insurance announced that EneRate Credit Cover has been applied to a transaction that utilized a sale leaseback tax equity investment structure, marking the first time the EneRate Credit Cover policy had been used on this particular structure.

Volkswagen Is Optimistic About Its Electric Car Future


Volkswagen has released details about the warranty for the battery in its ID electric cars and its plans for sustainable manufacturing. Clean Transport Electric Cars Electric Vehicles volkswagen Volkswagen battery guarantee Volkswagen Zwickau factory VW

Webinar: S-5! Attachment Technology Solutions for Solar Applications

Solar Power World

Webinar: S-5! Attachment Technology Solutions for Solar Applications Friday, April 3rd, 2020 @ 9 a.m. EDT Presented By: Dustin Haddock, S-5!’s s VP of Research & Development Learn about S-5! attachment solutions for solar applications, including the variety of brackets and clamps available.

Tesla Cuts Jobs In Nevada, Sends Ventilators To New York


Elon Musk has shipped 255 ventilators to New York City and promises to make more soon at Tesla Gigafactory 2 in Buffalo.

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Covid-19 and Climate Change: Lessons to Learn, Reasons to Act


Climate change activists could learn from and utilise the current covid-19 crisis, to make this short-term environmental windfall become a lasting victory.

CASE 580 EV | Project Zeus Promises Quieter Job Sites


CASE is calling its new machine "Project Zeus," and it's the industry's first electric backhoe loader. And, according to CASE, it offers levels of power and performance that are equivalent to similarly sized, diesel-engined backhoes in the market while producing zero "tailpipe" emissions.

Indonesia scraps timber legality rule, stoking fears of illegal logging boom


Indonesia’s trade ministry has stopped a requirement for wood exporters to obtain licenses verifying their wood comes from legal and sustainably managed sources. This could open the door to more illegal logging, experts warn

BYD Unveils New Fire- & Explosion-Resistant Blade Battery


BYD says its new lithium iron phosphate battery is much safer than conventional batteries and will not smoke or catch fire even in the worst possible conditions. Batteries Clean Transport Electric Vehicles Energy Storage battery fires BYD BYD Blade Battery BYD Han safer EV battery

Man With a Plan

LA CleanTech Incubator

USC Alum Matt Petersen Believes in a Greener L.A. The post Man With a Plan appeared first on LACI. LACI News


Carmakers To The Rescue — N95 Mask Mass Production


Wearing a mask to protect yourself from germs and air pollution is quite normal in East Asia. In China it is now even mandatory in a number of provinces when leaving the house. The coronavirus scare has made the public and the government even more conscious of the threat of infection.

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MPs launch probe into UK's green diplomacy efforts and COP26 preparations

Business Green

Foreign Affairs Committee chair Tom Tugendhat argues that 'in order to ensure that COP26 is a success, it must be postponed'.

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New Research Tackles Perovskite Solar Cell Trap State Trap — CleanTechnica Interview


Silicon still has some wiggle room, but researchers are eyeballing perovskite solar cells for a "next wave" in low cost solar power. Clean Power Research Science Solar Energy Electricity Energy perovskite perovskite solar cells

'Shovel-ready': Harmony Energy given green light for 50MW grid battery in Salisbury

Business Green

Renewable energy developer claims it now has over 500MW of large-scale battery storage systems in its UK pipeline.

Electric Vehicle Models That EV Owners In Europe Considered But Didn’t Buy


Perhaps the most fascinating new question in this year's Electric Car Drivers: Demands, Desires & Dreams reports concerned the electric vehicles people considered but didn’t buy.

Can Asia’s infectious disease-producing wildlife trade be stopped?


For the past 40 years, the Chinese government has promoted the wild animal trade as a form of rural economic development.

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Drone Delivery By Geely: Selling Cars In The Age Of COVID-19


The whole process is incredibly polished, and could set the standard by which direct-to-consumer sales start to happen globally. That's especially significant these days, too, now that the laws surrounding dealerships and franchises continue to get challenged by upstart EV makers.

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Changing lanes: UK electric vehicle trade bodies to merge

Business Green

REA's EV Forum joins forces with the Electric vehicle Supply Equipment Association (UK EVSE) to boost sector's voice.

COVID-19 Will Reshape Politics In The USA, & Our Climate Will Benefit


COVID-19 is not going to respect the rural-urban divide. Over the coming months, the reality on the ground in rural areas is going to change radically. Trump and the Republicans will be clearly on the wrong side of that reality.

Coronavirus Response: Hubbub's Trewin Restorick on how the Green Movement should respond to Covid-19

Business Green

Trewin Restorick warns pitfalls could await for an environmental movement that can already struggle with nuanced messaging. The rapid and momentous onset of coronavirus represents a massive challenge for retaining political and public support for hitting climate targets.

COVID-19, Climate, Civilization

Business Green

E3G's Tom Burke reflects on three key lessons from the coronavirus crisis. Civilisation is the thin film of order we build around the chaos of events. Courtesy of a coronavirus we are now getting a chilling reminder of just how thin that film is.