Sun.May 31, 2020

EVs, Rockets, & Innovation: Where Would We Be Without Elon Musk?


It’s a hot Louisiana afternoon and as I write this I’m inside watching the SpaceX livestream. My neighbor brought over cheeseburgers and my kitten, Tesla, is going nuts because I won't let him chew on the HDMI cord.

Climate Change Driving Forests To Smaller And Younger Trees

Jim Conca

A new study by scientists at PNNL shows that ongoing environmental changes are transforming forests worldwide, resulting in shorter and younger trees with broad impacts on global ecosystems. Stunted growth from rising temperatures more than offset any growth gains by increased CO2 fertilization.

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Empire State Building Slashes Carbon Emissions By 40% With Energy Saving Upgrades


In 1931, the Empire State Building was a beacon of hope to a world devastated by economic collapse. Today, it is once again sending a message of hope that lowering carbon emissions from the built environment is not only possible, it is the fiscally responsible thing to do.

Carbon 428

World leaders warn coronavirus could roll back progress for women


The United Nations estimates that the pandemic could cause 7 million unwanted pregnancies over the next six months as women lose access to contraception and reproductive healthcare


Tesla Sentry Mode Captures Falcon 9 & Crew Dragon Liftoff


Tesla Sentry Mode is great at capturing vandals and thieves, witnessing fistfights, and identifying people who like to be just plain evil.

High pulse energy capabilities for pre-charge and discharge resistors for EV applications


Sponsored by EBG Resistors. Professional resistors for electric vehicles. Since 1993, EBG Resistors has been working on the cutting-edge development of resistor technology.

NIO Completes More Than 500,000 Battery Swaps


NIO Power now has 131 battery swapping stations in 58 cities in China and has completed more than 500,000 swaps. Batteries Cars Clean Transport Electric Cars Electric Vehicles Energy Storage EV Charging Battery Swapping Nio Power

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Will Low Gas Prices Hurt Tesla?


Amid the financial fallout from the COVID-19 pandemic, most of us have hardly had time to consider the effects of another economic H-bomb that went off around the same time: the collapse of oil prices.

Momentum Fleet Management orders 900 Lordstown Endurance electric pickup trucks


Lordstown Motors aims to transform its Northeast Ohio home into Voltage Valley , a center of modern EV manufacturing. Now the company has secured an order for 900 Endurance electric pickup trucks from Ohio-based fleet management specialist Momentum Groups. Momentum specializes in corporate vehicles, from ordering to disposal, including purchase or lease financing options, fuel cards, maintenance programs, vehicle administrative services and driver compliance.

Tesla Forges Ahead As Covid-19 Hits & The EV Landscape Shifts


Tesla's Fremont factory is open. The Model Y SUV is being delivered en masse to customers. And the Silicon Valley automaker is investing heavily in its German Gigafactory and pending US Terafactory (location TBD).

Delta-Q’s new RQ350 EV battery charger


Delta-Q Technologies has introduced its latest charger: the RQ350 for EVs and industrial machines. Building on its history of IC-series chargers rated from 650 to 1,200 watts, Delta-Q has set its sights on lower-power applications with its new 350-watt charger. The company says the new build was designed and tested to meet automotive levels of product reliability, improving machine runtimes.

An Error In BNEF’s Latest Downbeat Electric Vehicle Outlook


BNEF's latest EV Outlook released this month is poorly conceived and contains at least one significant error. Let's help them out.

Wooden Turbine Towers Promise To Push Wind Industry To Greater Heights

Forbes Green Tech

A new concept for modular, wooden wind turbine towers could allow turbines to produce even more energy. Markets /markets Money /money Markets /markets Innovation /innovation Green Tech /green-tech money markets

Electrifying Engineering: STEM Videos & Projects To Inspire Future EV Leaders


Colleges welcome the self-motivated learners often found in the homeschool community. It's not for every family, but it has proven successful for many students. With the COVID-19 lockdown, homeschool became the landscape for most families.

Lost giants: Logging and climate shifts slash forest carbon storage


Deforestation, drought and wildfires are changing forests forever, reducing the planet-warming carbon dioxide they suck up

Let’s Start Improving Water Quality In The US Everglades, Before It’s Too Late!


A combination of canals, stormwater treatment areas, and a storage reservoir may improve water quality in the US Everglades. Agriculture Policy & Politics Water Brown and Caldwell Everglades Agricultural Area Storage Reservoir Project stormwater treatment area

Three Factors Driving Oil’s Dramatic Rebound

R-Squared Energy

Oil prices have come a long way since the deep dive into negative territory a month ago. One could argue that the price of West Texas Intermediate (WTI) is now $70/bbl higher than it was a month ago, when it settled at -$37.63 on April 20.

Toyota Unveils New Minivan, & It’s Only Available With An Efficient Hybrid Powertrain


Most writers at CleanTechnica don't cover hybrids at all. They prefer to focus on the leading edge cars like Tesla's vehicles or the Ford Mustang Mach-E. There are several reasons I am writing about the Sienna Hybrid Minivan, though.

'Fantastic opportunity': UK gears up £2.6m recycling project for electric car motors

Business Green

Innovate UK-backed initiative aims to scale up recycling process for rare earth metals used in electric vehicles. A £2.6m

China × Cleantech — April 2020


Welcome to the next issue of China x Cleantech.

From the Editor, May 2020


It would be difficult to describe the last three months without mention of Covid-19. Nor would I wish to, for it has affected the entire world to such a degree that some people, some industries, and some economies may never recover.

Soil 52

GM Battery Hopes, Meek Mill ? Tesla, Tesla Model 3 = #1 In California — CleanTechnica Top 20


GM won a rare win last week in terms of CleanTechnica views. The most popular story of the week was one about GM potentially having a million-mile battery and EVs with 60 miles of range at some point. It's a target. Otherwise, Tesla took the next two spots on the podium.

Energy Institute pledges to reach net zero emissions 'well before' 2050

Business Green

Professional body has promised to eliminate its head office and staff business travel emissions by mid-century without relying on carbon offsetting. The Energy Institute, the membership organisation for the energy sector, has committed to achieving net zero emissions "well before" mid-century.

Toyota RAV4 Prime: 302 HP, All Wheel Drive, Under $40,000


The Toyota RAV4 Prime PHEV has 302 horsepower, 42 miles of range, and a price below $40, Cars Clean Transport Consumer Technology Electric Cars Electric Vehicles Hybrid Electric Cars PHEV Toyota Toyota Rav4 Toyota RAV4 Prime

Online Event - Unlocking Human Potential for Biodiversity Virtual Conference

Green Market Oracle

This virtual event will take place on June 5, 2020 from 9 a.m. to noon as part of World Environment Day (WED). Montréal is the North American host city for WED. This event is being organized by Space for Life and the Secretariat of the UN Convention on Biological Diversity.

Siberian Heatwave, Etergo Acquisition, Chinese EV Sales — CleanTech Weekly News Show


This is the 10th broadcast of CleanTechnica's weekly news show. We decided to make this series because there is an information overload problem in the world. Just keeping up with the most relevant news is starting to be a full time job.

Polymathic Monthly 41: Deacon King Kong, Punctuated Equilibrium, and Trespassing.

Seyi Fabode

Photo by Joseph Rosales on Unsplash At the risk of sounding insensitive, rushing through the now , I want to believe that on the other side of this period we are going through will be a lot of positive. Because this period we are in is probably the worst most of us have ever witnessed.

Meaningful information is catalysing urban action on climate change

Business Green

Our cities are becoming 'smarter' and producing more and more data - we must harness this data to fight the causes and impacts of climate change, argues C40 Cities's Rachel Huxley. The effects of climate change are being felt in cities around the world.

Chris Cook?s tour of the oil markets: from Nixon to Trump

Low Impact

Today I’m talking with Chris Cook, who designed and built the Iranian Oil Bourse (see Wikipedia for a timeline of the events Chris describes ), which could help move the world away from the petrodollar. We’ll be talking more about that later.

The Humber Estuary could help fuel a green recovery

Business Green

Partnerships between business and government to back green industries such as sustainable aviation fuels are crucial as we restart the economy, argue Conservative MPs Lia Nici and Martin Vickers