Sat.Jan 23, 2021

The Big Friendly Hybrid Giant

Mr. Sustainability

Summary - The North Sea Giant, a Norwegian offshore construction vessel, is the first DNV class-approved ‘hybrid’ DP3 vessel with three batteries on-board that have a total capacity of 2.034 kWh.

Earth911 Reader: The Biden Era Arrives With Dramatic Climate Action


The Earth911 Reader collects and comments on useful news about … The post Earth911 Reader: The Biden Era Arrives With Dramatic Climate Action appeared first on Earth 911. Continued here: Earth911 Reader: The Biden Era Arrives With Dramatic Climate Action.


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Fiat 500e Dominates Italy’s EV Market In December, & BEVs Grow Eightfold!


The year of coronavirus has just ended on a high note for EV markets throughout Europe. With traditional car sales down everywhere by double digit percentages, electric cars have taken charge, offering a taste of things to come. This is also true for Italy, where December monthly EV sales skyrocketed to over eight times last year's levels!

JinkoSolar Begins Construction On 20 Gigawatt Solar Cell Factory


JinkoSolar, one of the largest solar module producers in the world, is ramping up its solar cell production tremendously. It is building a 20 gigawatt solar cell factory that is expected to be fully operational by the end of.

New York Times: Electric Cars Are Cheaper & Cleaner


For two decades now, the mainstream press has been feeding peoples’ natural skepticism about new technology, dismissing electric vehicles as a quaint fad that will never “catch on.”.

US Offshore Wind Is Off To The Races (At Last!)


By the end of 2021, the Biden administration will likely have approved two projects and be in the process of reviewing up to a dozen more on the eastern seaboard, stretching from North Carolina to Massachusetts.

In UK, 79% Of Drivers Could Charge An Electric Car Just Once Every Week Or Two


If you've got an electric car, whether you live in the United States, the United Kingdom, Timbuktu, or Antarctica, you know the two questions most people ask when they are curious about your car: 1) how far can it drive, and 2) how long does it take to charge.

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What’s Happening In Energy Policy In The US? A Who’s Who


Here are the key players who will act on the US plans for a clean energy revolution. Clean Power Green Economy Policy & Politics Biden-Harris Administration Union of Concerned Scientists US Department of Energy

Straight-Line Acceleration Is Not Enough For BMW


A recent BMW press release took a bit of a jab at Tesla while showing off the effort it is putting into the upcoming i. Cars Clean Transport Electric Cars Electric Vehicles BMW Tesla

Panasonic Expands Home Solar Offerings In High-Growth Solar States


As CleanTechnica has reported in recent months, solar power now generates the cheapest electricity in history — according to the conservative, fossil industry–entrenched International Energy Agency. As a result, demand for solar power has been growing strongly in the United States and worldwide.

Transportation Succeeds When You Give People Control


The sooner we acknowledge that people want to be treated like, well, people, the sooner we can take real actions to protect the environment that people will actually want to go along with. Autonomous Vehicles Bicycles Cars Clean Transport Climate Change Electric Bikes Electric Vehicles Green Econom

The Great Used Chevy Bolt Battery Recall Schlamozzle


My search for a used Chevy Bolt led me to a revelation. It is perfectly legal to sell a used car that is the subject of a safety recall, Electric Cars Uncategorized battery recall Chevy Bolt selling used car with recall notice

New Year, New You … New Tesla!


The Illinois Solar Education Association (ISEA)* is holding its annual fundraising raffle for a Tesla Model X.

A Letter To Tomorrow: Hope (And Fleetwood Mac)


I hope this letter reaches Tomorrow, and that the Tomorrow of 2050 looks much different than Today. As an envirophile, eco-nut, treehugger, crunchy-granola-hippie, I hope my worst fears (and statistical probabilities) have not been realized by the time this letter is read.