Tue.Feb 11, 2020

Lithium-Sulfur Batteries Could Be Cheaper & More Energy Dense


Research at Monash University in Australia led to the development of a very high-performance and energy efficient lithium-sulfur battery.

Step up for Earth Day 2020


Why I'm backing Earth Day again this year, and why you should, too. The Elkington Report


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Tesla Ready To Roll Out Solarglass Roof In US — China & Europe To Follow


Elon Musk tweeted this week that the Solarglass roof manufactured at the Buffalo, New York factory will be available soon in more parts of the US and plans are underway to introduce it in China and Europe soon.

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Be more ambitious with the SDGs — for the world and business


Creating a more inclusive and just economy starts by closing the gender gap. Corporate Strategy Sustainable Development Goals / SDGs

Solar Power Surges In Vietnam, Dimming Prospects For New Coal Plants


In 2017, Vietnam made a plan to attract 850 MW of new solar power. Two years later, they have 6 times that amount. Clean Power Coal Fossil Fuels Solar Energy Solar Power Plants feed-in tariff Vietnam

The low price of freed parking


The 270 million vehicles in the United States are parked over 90 percent of the time. There are far more parking spaces than vehicles. How many spaces? The data is imprecise. There could be 500 million parking lot spaces and 1 billion spaces on streets.

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Arizona and the momentum of 100 percent clean energy


The Arizona Public Service (APS) announced that it will fully decarbonize the electricity it sells. Here's what that looks like. Buildings Energy & Climate Policy & Politics Rocky Mountain Institute

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Bio-Diesel Could Lower Hapag-Lloyd Cargo Ship Emissions


Hapag-Lloyd is testing a new marine fuel that combines low sulfur bunker oil with biodiesel to reduce carbon emissions. Biofuels Clean Transport Shipping Biodiesel Carbon Emissions Hapag-Lloyd ocean shipping

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Understanding Particle Pollution and What You Can Do to Stop It

The Environmental Blog

Pollution can have significant effects on air quality. If you’ve ever had trouble seeing through the haze or found it hard to breathe while jogging by traffic, you’ve experienced the impact of low-quality air. It can make simple tasks harder and have adverse effects on your health.

Hydrogen Is Going To Lose The Race On The Rhine


Most people in the renewable energy ecosphere know that battery electric mobility is ahead of hydrogen fuel cell mobility. Many people are also aware that progress in battery technology is going faster than in hydrogen fuel cell technology.

The car industry might be putting the brakes on the corporate rollout of EVs


Trail-blazing EV100 members fear the limited supply of electric vehicles could delay the shift away from petrol and diesel engines. Electric Vehicles Transportation Transportation & Mobility

Hyundai Taps Canoo For New Purpose-Built Vehicle


Hyundai and Canoo announced today the establishment of a joint effort to develop a standardized, scalable electric vehicle platform to underpin future Hyundai and Kia vehicles, but buried in the release was a hint at a completely new market segment for the Korean automaker: purpose-built vehicles.

How Water is Going Digital

U.S. Green Technology

How the water industry is going digital to boost efficiency A majority of both our planet and our bodies are made up of water, so the relevance of the water industry should come as no surprise.

Electric Vehicles Can Help California Hit 2030 Emissions Reduction Target


Energy Innovation, a nonpartisan energy and climate policy firm, recently released research showing the state of California may not meet its 2030 climate emissions reduction target. Chris Busch, Energy Innovation’s Research Director, answered some questions about the EV side of the equation.

Odd.Bot, the weed-pulling robot that could eliminate herbicides

Inhabitat - Innovation

The aging adage, “There’s an App for that,” is evolving into the idea that, “There’s a robot for that”. More and more automation is finding its way to the market for household chores like cleaning floors, and now that innovation is in farmer’s fields with Odd.Bot, an automatic weeding robot

Nikola Motors Locks In Ulm, Germany As The Production Site For The Nikola TRE


Nikola Motors has partnered with IVECO to establish the manufacturing hub for its first production vehicle in Ulm, Germany. The facility will produce both the battery electric and fuel cell electric versions of the the company's cab-over heavy duty truck for the European market, the Nikola.

Barcelona's new solar-powered sports center features a green facade

Inhabitat - Innovation

Barcelona, a city well-known for its avant-garde architecture, both modern and historic, is going green. Local firm Architecture Anna Noguera has just completed work on the Turó de la Peira's Sports Center, a solar-powered complex covered in a lush green facade

Major Cities Are Flooding More Than Previously Thought


Major cities are flooding more than was previously thought. This news comes from a new study published in the journal Nature Communications that used Twitter to measure the impact of tidal flooding along the U.S. Gulf and East coasts. Climate Change Research Science Water flooding twitter

Antarctica reaches record high temperature

Inhabitat - Innovation

The frozen continent recently logged its warmest temperature to date, a whopping 65 degrees Fahrenheit. That’s quite a leap from its previous record of about 63 degrees Fahrenheit, set five years ago in 2015

Hyundai Taps Canoo For Joint Development Of New EV Platform


Canoo and Hyundai will be developing an all-electric platform based on Canoo's skateboard.

Taylor Guitars and the sustainable approach to instrument-making

Inhabitat - Innovation

Since 1974, Taylor Guitars has been a champion guitar brand, renowned for its signature sound and instrument-manufacturing innovations.

2020 Starts With A Bang For Italy’s EV Market — January Sales Up 587%!


January sales are out for the Italian car market, and electric cars are up by nearly 600% (!) over the same month last year. 1943 BEVs were sold in the country, an epic surge over last year's 283 units during the same period. Surprised?

Worlds first car-free IKEA store to open in Austria

Inhabitat - Innovation

IKEA Austria has announced plans to open the world’s “most innovative and green” IKEA store

Workplace Charging Made Simple With ampUp


ampUP is offers smart, easy to use, and controllable EV charging to businesses. Feature-abundant software and a reliable user experience complements the rapid charge station growth while waving the EV adoption flag.


From Backwoods to Bankrupt: The Rise and Fall of Real Goods Solar


Real Goods Solar ended its corporate life on the industry's periphery last month, penniless and trading for pennies. But this isn't just any bankruptcy. A decade earlier, Real Goods Solar grew organically and through acquisition and pulled in tens of millions in revenue.

How Can Africa Join The EV Revolution? (Video)


A lot of the OEMs have not expressed any interest in bringing EVs to the rest of Africa anytime soon. With the majority of them struggling to meet demand in their home and traditional markets, it doesn’t look like Africa will be a priority anytime soon.

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DOE announces 20 new competitors for Round 3 of American-Made Solar Prize

Solar Power World

Today, the U.S.

Oh SH*T! It’s Valentines Day! Last-Minute Eco-Gifts For Your Eco-Sweetie


Fellas, I've been there -- these things happen. Valentine's Day (or a birthday, or an anniversary.) sneaks up on you and all of a sudden you're scrambling to make sure your eco-sweetie knows you love her. Consumer Technology Events last minute gift pono home Pono Home Essentials Valentine's Day

Circularity in the Chemicals Industry: Drivers, Challenges and Solutions

CleanTech Group

Here’s an eye-watering reality check on why we need to up our game and reconsider our consumer habits. The global economy recycles only. Cross-sector Trends

Louisville’s Access Ventures debuts $15 million Render Capital fund for local entrepreneurs

Impact Alpha

ImpactAlpha, Feb. 11 – Render Capital, a new new fund from Louisville impact investing firm Access Ventures, will provide early stage equity, debt and revenue-based financing of up to $250,000 to entrepreneurs in Louisville and southern Indiana.