Fri.Jan 10, 2020

Fiat Chrysler Will Basically Fund Tesla’s Gigafactory 4


In a sense, Fiat Chrysler Automobiles (FCA) will be funding Tesla's Gigafactory 4 (GF4). Cars Clean Transport Consumer Technology Electric Cars Electric Vehicles Berlin FCA Fiat Chrysler Automobiles Germany Tesla Tesla Europe Tesla FCA Tesla Gigafactories Tesla Gigafactory 4

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Why Most US Utilities Are Failing to Make the Most of Their Smart Meters


Advanced metering infrastructure — the two-way communicating smart meters that now serve more than half of U.S.

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Survey Says Clean Energy Policy Is Important Across Party Lines


Clean energy policy is emerging as an issue that appeals to Republican, Democratic, and Independent voters in the. Clean Power Policy & Politics Solar Energy Wind Energy Conservative Energy Network energy security Public Opinion Strategies

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Fisker debuts an electric luxury SUV for $37,500 at CES

Inhabitat - Innovation

The new Fisker Ocean, debuted at CES, will come with many sustainable features — inside and out

Honda Has No Intention Of Paying The New European Emission Fines — CleanTechnica Exclusive


Europe has introduced a new Company Average Fuel Economy (CAFE) standard of 95gr CO2/km. This regulation comes with harsh fines. The fine, per car sold, is €95 gr/km for each gram over 95 gr/km when the fleet average is over 95 gr/km.

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Proof the Energy Future Is Here


We’re now in the 2020s. Many of the tropes from films and literature about this era may not have come true, but there’s a lot happening around us that does feel futuristic.

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This lovely lampshade is made from cabbage

Inhabitat - Innovation

Veggie Lights are just that — lamp shades made out of red cabbage leaves


Swedish Housing Developer Bonava To Make All Of Its New Parking Bays EV Ready


The Swedish housing developer Bonava announced it will make parking bays in its new Finnish development projects EV ready. The company is the first developer in Finland to do so, and is partnering with Parking Energy Ltd. to prepare the parking bays.

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Episode 202: GreenBiz community shares 2020 ambitions, Dalkia's energy services rebrand


Listen up for audiograms from 10 corporate sustainability professionals including Google sustainability officer Kate Brandt, Unilever diversity champion Kamillah Knight and strategy guru John Elkington. Energy & Climate Energy Management Podcast GreenBiz 350 Podcast

Cancer Death Rates Dropped in the USA for 26th Year in a Row


In a report from the American Cancer Society, it is shown the rate of people dying from cancer in the United States has declined, and that's for the 26th consecutive year. Health Research Science cancer cancer death rates lung cancer

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3XN unveils new, sustainable building for UNSW Sydney

Inhabitat - Innovation

Following a rigorous international competition, Danish architectural firm 3XN has won the bid to design the University of New South Wales’ (UNSW) new Multipurpose Building — a project that the architects say will have a “focus on resilience and environmental sustainability

No, A Tesla Did NOT Start The Fire That Destroyed 300 Cars In Norway, And Other Nordic News


Reports that a Tesla caught fire and that led to a massive fire in a parking garage in Norway are untrue. The fire actually started in a 2005 Opel diesel.

ZHA gets the green light for worlds first all-timber soccer stadium in England

Inhabitat - Innovation

The timber soccer stadium will aim to be carbon neutral

A New Type Of Tesla Jewelry For Vehicle Access


I love jewelry. I love creating it and I love wearing it and looking at it. I love seeing the works of other artisans who get creative, but I never expected to be writing about jewelry or the art of making it for CleanTechnica -- as I usually save that for my blog.

2020 Legislative Session Preview

CleanTech Alliance

Source: Brad Boswell, Boswell Consulting, Jan 10, 2020 Following nine months of interim, it is now nearly time for legislators to return to Olympia for the start of the 2020 legislative session on January 13, 2020. This is a short 60-day session and the second half of the biennial budget cycle, which lasts two years. […]. Member News Public Policy

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Facebook Gives Congress The Finger, & Will Continue To Publish Lies


Facebook has announced that it will continue to publish political ads, even if they contain obvious lies. It says Congress is supposed to make laws, not private companies. Media Policy & Politics elizabeth warren Facebook Google Joe Biden Mark Zuckerberg political ads Ron Leathern twitter

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Commentary: A Novel Method for Clean Food Production, While Simultaneously Bending Down the Curve of Global Warming

CleanTech Alliance

Source: John Novitsky, CEO, AquaPrawnics, and Lisa M. Farmen, Principal Engineer/Managing Member, Aquastry, (503) 544-2330. Jan 10 2020 The purpose of this article is to encourage the members of the NW Chapter of the Clean Tech Alliance to visit our website, then to become investors, employees, scientific or legislative partners. Shrimp are the […]. Commentary Member News

Trump Takes His War On “The Swamp” To New Levels With NEPA Roll Back


Trump is gloating about gutting environmental regulations, a decision that has business leaders cheering. Policy & Politics environmental law National Environmental Policy Act

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U.S. Department of Energy Launches Energy Storage Grand Challenge

CleanTech Alliance

Source: DOE, Jan 8, 2020 U.S. Energy Secretary Dan Brouillette announced the launch of the Energy Storage Grand Challenge, a comprehensive program to accelerate the development, commercialization, and utilization of next-generation energy storage technologies and sustain American global leadership in energy storage. The Grand Challenge builds on the $158 million Advanced Energy Storage Initiative announced […]. Opportunities Public Policy

Shark Tank’s Barbara Corcoran Loves Her Tesla & Elon Musk’s Roughness


In a Yahoo Finance video discussion about Tesla and its stock, Barbara Corcoran of Shark Tank cuts right to the chase: "I own a Tesla and don't say anything wrong to me about it." She also points out that she invests in Tesla as well.

Everett Campus To Host CleanTech Accelerator

CleanTech Alliance

Source:, Jan 5 2020 Snohomish County Executive Dave Somers announced a collaborative partnership to create the state’s first physical CleanTech Accelerator location in partnership with the Toyota Mobility Foundation (TMF), the Clean Tech Alliance, and Soundview Innovation Campus. Snohomish County is an emerging leader in clean tech for the State of Washington. By working […]. Alliance News Member News

Social Media Blames Australia’s Inferno On Arsonists


Australia is burning, but many people believe it is the fault of arsonists, not climate change. Others think ISIS is responsible. Few want to acknowledge the truth. Climate Change Australia Climate change fires in Australia Scott Morrison Social Media

The 2 Strategies Being Used by Top US Microgrid Developers


Microgrids are emerging as a key tool for resilience. Wood Mackenzie is currently tracking 2,430 operational microgrids across the United States, developed by 187 developers. Most of those 187 developers* have only developed one project, and many of these developers are also the end customer.

This is what energy resilience could look like


A microgrid pilot program run by Colorado cooperative Holy Cross Energy includes four all-electric homes in an affordable housing community. all-electric Energy & Climate Equity & Inclusion Microgrids Power Points Renewable Energy resilience Solar Energy Storage

Need Inspiration in 2020? Listen to These Harrowing and Motivating Founder Stories


This will mark our third year of Watt it Takes , the live interview series produced by Powerhouse and Greentech Media.

5 priorities to ensure climate action benefits low-income and disadvantaged groups


We can't leave anyone behind as we transition to a clean economy. Climate Justice COP Equity & Inclusion Paris Agreement Policy & Politics

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Climate change fueled the Australia fires. Now those fires are fueling climate change.


Australia is in the midst of a devastating wildfire season that is being exacerbated by climate change. But the fires, which have been burning for months and could rage on for months to come, are also impacting the earth’s climate in several ways.

Why stakeholders are raising the pressure on US business leaders to address climate


EDF released its annual survey of perceptions of environmental impact from 600 business leaders in retail, manufacturing, energy, technology and finance. Cleantech Leadership Pollution Prevention

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The future of energy is solar + storage 2020 Trends in Solar

Solar Power World

The prospect of storage is increasingly attractive in the No. 1 solar state in the nation because of wildfires.

A decade of covering the intersection of sustainability, careers and human resources


What’s changed in the 10 years headhunter Ellen Weinreb has been writing for GreenBiz. Careers Corporate Strategy Investor Relations Talent Show CSO

OYA Solar expands solar development services to Pennsylvania

Solar Power World

OYA Solar, a North American full-service solar developer, has launched development operations in Pennsylvania. OYA is committed to developing well-sited and economically supported distribution and utility-scale solar projects in communities throughout the state, the company said in a press statement.

Here’s Why Market Research Is Key To Your Company’s Success

Michael Grossman

Two words no CEO of a seven or eight-figure company ever likes hearing from me are "market research," as in, "I feel it would be helpful to clarify our value proposition, our strategic advantage, and our audience if we conducted some market research.". It's so toxic; I keep those two words in my back pocket at all meetings like an emergency fire alarm in case I want to cut the session short.

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Alencon to bring PV plant repowering devices to Intersolar North America

Solar Power World

Alencon Systems will demonstrate its unique line-up of power electronics solutions for repowering older PV systems, coupling solar and storage and microgrids at Intersolar North America 2020 in San Diego from February 4 through 6.

The Week in impact investing: Power dynamics

Impact Alpha

TGIF, Agents of Impact! The Week’s Agent of Impact Delilah Rothenberg, Predistribution Initiative. It’s easy to pile on private equity.