Mon.Nov 23, 2020

4 tips for changing consumer behavior


4 tips for changing consumer behavior. Lauren Phipps. Mon, 11/23/2020 - 01:00.

Engineering student turns food waste into renewable energy

Inhabitat - Innovation

What if those old carrots you never got around to eating could be a renewable energy source

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Unilever sets $1.2B sales target for meat and dairy alternatives


Unilever sets $1.2B sales target for meat and dairy alternatives. Cecilia Keating. Mon, 11/23/2020 - 00:30.

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Nwa, the design for a self-sustaining city on Mars

Inhabitat - Innovation

As part of scientific work for a competition organized by the Mars Society, an American non-profit dedicated to exploring the Red Planet, architecture firm Abiboo has unveiled design concepts for a sustainable city on Mars. The project, called Nüwa, ranked as a finalist among 175 projects submitted from around the world for the 2020 competition

Custom Equine Nutrition: Caring For Horses While Caring For the Planet

Green Business Bureau

Custom Equine Nutrition offers natural, no-filler horse supplements that deliver all the necessary vitamins and minerals that a horse needs in a single scoop.

The top 10 houseplants of 2020 and what's trending for 2021

Inhabitat - Innovation

With so many people staying at home because of coronavirus, plants are becoming a popular and easy way to spruce up interior spaces, balconies, porches and outdoor living areas. But which plants are most popular? Research from Flowercard reveals 2020's trendiest houseplants and what to expect in 2021


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Submit your vegan recipes to win this sustainable chef's kit!

Inhabitat - Innovation

Share your original vegan holiday recipes with Inhabitat for a chance to win an air fryer, bamboo cutting boards, a knife set and Stasher bags

Biosolids and Bioresources virtual event presents an update on the latest technology

Envirotec Magazine

The 2020 European Biosolids and Bioresources Conference is taking place online, on 24 and 25 November, organised by environmental consultancy Aqua Enviro.

A geometric double roof promotes natural cooling at this Tropical Chalet

Inhabitat - Innovation

This four-bedroom villa relies on perforated brick for natural ventilation while remaining protected from the elements

Russian nuclear company ROSATOM enters EV battery market


Russian nuclear technology company ROSATOM has entered the energy storage market. Subsidiary RENERA will develop modular lithium-ion traction batteries for EVs, as well as energy storage systems for emergency power, renewable energy and load shifting.

UK To Back 12GW Of Renewables In Next Contracts for Difference Auction


The next round of the U.K.’s ’s contracts for difference (CFD) program will support up to 12 gigawatts of renewable power projects, the government has said. An increase in the size of the next round was hinted at by Prime Minister Boris Johnson in October. Now it has been put in writing.

Updated rules will enable deployment of public heavy-duty EV charging stations in California


For the past two years, Volvo Trucks has been collaborating with the South Coast Air Quality Management District and 13 other organizations on the Volvo LIGHTS project , which aims to develop a blueprint to introduce battery-electric Class 8 trucks and equipment into the market at scale.

FERC Under a Biden Administration: Finding Solutions to Market Orders Driving States to Open Revolt [GTM Squared]



Lordstown Motors claims 50,000 pre-orders for electric pickup, opens two new facilities


Lordstown Motors says it has logged 50,000 preorders for its Endurance electric pickup truck. The company, which is concentrating on fleet customers, said the average order size is 500 vehicles.

California Seeks Quick Fixes to Prevent Heatwave-Driven Blackouts Next Summer


California utility regulators want to avoid a repeat of the rolling blackouts that hit during August's record heat wave. The trick is finding meaningful interventions in time for next summer.

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An ‘impact-first’ approach to investing for climate justice in rural communities

Impact Alpha

If you are an investor interested in learning more about how to invest in climate justice solutions, join us on December 3rd for. Catalytic Capital Africa Agrifood Tech Beats Climate Finance Impact Voices Regeneration Smallholder Agriculture Uncategorized

Munich electrifies an entire bus line with 8 new Ebusco buses


With the deployment of 8 new electric buses from Netherlands-based manufacturer Ebusco, the Munich Traffic Association (MVG) has fully electrified the city’s bus line 144, which runs over the Landshutter Allee and through Olympia Park. The new 12-meter Ebusco 2.2

PETRONAS: Growing green shoots in the oil and gas industry


With countries and investors increasingly turning to renewable energy, major oil and gas companies such as Shell and BP have announced plans to expand their investments into clean and low-carbon energy

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Running a Digitally-Led Energy Start-up During the Pandemic

CleanTech Group

The energy sector has experienced a once in a century event for incumbents and start-ups alike, with energy demand dropping to record lows. Cleantech Insights Energy & Power Energy Efficiency

Asian companies are now better than their American counterparts at reporting climate impact


While the climate impact transparency of American firms has gone backwards, Asian firms are showing steady progress in reporting greenhouse gas emissions. The study shows that companies will not report unless regulations require them to


Swale Technologies Offer A Complete Line Of Top-Quality Ocean Monitoring Instruments


Swale Ocean Technologies, offers a complete range of top-quality ocean monitoring instruments and and a line of tools for underwater multi-parameter

Global heating may go on for five more centuries


Global heating now means more warming for 500 years ahead, even if all greenhouse emissions stop. Or is that too simple


How To Choose The Right Solar Lights

Green Living Guy

Thanks to my “friends” let’s talk about a solar lighting system. For it’s a popular choice for many homeowners today because of its efficiency, cost-effectiveness, and sustainability.

Grassroots groups are mobilizing communities to take racial justice from protest to progress

Impact Alpha

With $30 million in grants to 60 local and national racial justice organizations, Kresge Foundation is seeking to harness the power of this. Return on Inclusion Democracy and Power Inclusive Economy Signals United States

TRB’s new production process for high-volume continuous-fiber thermoset composite parts


TRB Lightweight Structures has created a new production process to deliver continuous-fiber thermoset composite parts at high volume. This automated manufacturing process is now being used to supply a global Tier 1 powertrain manufacturer with battery components for electric buses.

Aclima snags $40 million to expand air quality mapping

Impact Alpha

ImpactAlpha, November 23 —The San Francisco-based company’s software platform and network of sensors measures and maps air quality (see, “Aclima raises $24 million. Climate and Clean Tech Catalytic Capital Climate Finance Dealflow Impact Tech


Why People Are Seeing A Purple Sky In Cleveland

Forbes Green Tech

Why urban gardening causes a purple sky in Cleveland. Science /science Innovation /innovation Science /science Green Tech /green-tech innovation science

Contractors Corner: Sunshine Solar

Solar Power World

More women are entering the solar workforce every day, but some areas of the industry are still underrepresented. According to The Solar Foundation, women only make up 26% of the solar workforce.

Slipshod checks raise flood risk for China-Philippines dam


Mindanao dam project is too big, too risky and there are better renewable options, activists say


Oil Companies Can’t Find Any Buyers For Refineries Struggling Amid Pandemic Crisis


Read time: 9 mins Major players in the U.S. petroleum refining industry — which is experiencing a historic downturn due to the coronavirus pandemic — are attempting to sell refineries, with little luck.


The Brief: Impact-first climate investing, Bain Capital doubles down on impact, sustainability SPACs, mapping air quality, mobilizing for racial justice

Impact Alpha

Greetings, Agents of Impact! Featured: Impact Voices An ‘impact-first’ approach to climate justice in rural communities. Capital is flowing for commercial climate financing, The Brief

Is inequality inevitable?


In the latest episode of our podcast, Rashida and I discuss what it’ll take to build a more equal society


South Dakota Cops Sue State Over New Cannabis Amendment

Forbes Green Tech

A South Dakota sheriff and a highway patrolman have filed suit against the state over Amendment A, approved earlier this month, allowing adults to use marijuana. Consumer Tech /consumer-tech Innovation /innovation Consumer Tech /consumer-tech Green Tech /green-tech technology technology

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The Electric Scooter Safety Checklist


If you’re riding an electric scooter for the first time, you’re likely going to have an accident in your first 10 rides. Experienced riders can still have accidents when they let their guard down.