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Lessons from 3 emerging bio-based material technologies


Lessons from 3 emerging bio-based material technologies. Suz Okie. Fri, 02/19/2021 - 00:40. Creating human-made materials from living or biological sources is by no means a new development, yet newly invented bio-based materials are garnering significant hype as of late.

7 Most Sustainable Guitar Woods & The Brands Using Them

U.S. Green Technology

Guitars produce a distinct and quality sound not just from the strings, but also from the tonewood of the body. The soundboard, the back, and the sides, all contribute to the desirable sound of this stringed instrument.

Next-gen GMO entrepreneurs target consumers, not farmers


Next-gen GMO entrepreneurs target consumers, not farmers. Jim Giles. Fri, 02/19/2021 - 01:00. Want more great analysis of sustainable food systems? Sign up for Food Weekly , our free email newsletter. What does the future hold for genetically modified crops? This is a huge question in food and ag.

Over half of UK manufacturers seemingly on target to achieve net zero goals

Envirotec Magazine

Research reveals manufacturing sector as one of the best prepared to meet 2050 UK Net Zero targets with 57 per cent of businesses having a strategy to reduce their carbon footprint.

Our grid isn't ready for climate change


Our grid isn't ready for climate change. Sarah Golden. Fri, 02/19/2021 - 01:30. Last summer, when 750,000 Californians experienced rolling blackouts as heatwaves overtook the west, some politicians in Texas took the opportunity to blame liberal policies to explain the outages. . California’s politicians did this, not the heat. link]. Attorney General Ken Paxton (@KenPaxtonTX) September 6, 2020.

How to Get the Biggest Bang for our Clean Energy Buck in Southeast Asia


If we’re going to accelerate the global clean energy transition, we need to get smarter about how we deploy scarce climate finance overseas. Nowhere is a smarter approach needed than one of the last frontiers for coal expansion — Southeast Asia. Public dollars, stranded assets.

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Bill Gates on How to Avoid a Climate Disaster: The Solutions We Have and the Breakthroughs We Need


Bill Gates on How to Avoid a Climate Disaster: The Solutions We Have and the Breakthroughs We Need. Bill Gates sets out a bold plan to reach net-zero emissions in time to avoid a climate disaster and outlines the steps he’s taking through his Breakthrough Energy platform.

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Backing Up Statements with Action: The Intersection of Business and Human Rights with Sanda Ojiambo


Backing Up Statements with Action: The Intersection of Business and Human Rights with Sanda Ojiambo. UN Global Compact CEO Sanda Ojiambo addresses the evolution of business and human rights in the context of today's social justice movement.


This chic, wooden electric scooter is carved from chestnut

Inhabitat - Innovation

Imagine a comfortable, fashionable electric scooter made from sustainable materials that doesn’t sacrifice quality. ILY-Ai is just that

Setting the Stage with GreenBiz Founder Joel Makower


Setting the Stage with GreenBiz Founder Joel Makower. GreenBiz Founder Joel Makower shares the top trends in sustainable business and insights into the year ahead. This session was held at GreenBiz Group’s GreenBiz 21, February 9-11, 2021. Learn more about the event here: [link].

Solar-powered Mukilteo Multimodal Terminal celebrates native culture

Inhabitat - Innovation

The Mukilteo Multimodal Terminal is a contemporary transit building that pays homage to the environment and the region’s Coast Salish tribes

All We Can Save: Why We Must Learn from Indigenous Wisdom


All We Can Save: Why We Must Learn from Indigenous Wisdom. Attorneys and activists Tara Houska and Sherri Mitchell talk with All We Can Save Co-Founder Katharine Wilkinson about indigenous teachings. This session was held at GreenBiz Group’s GreenBiz 21, February 9-11, 2021.


Volunteers brave winter storm to save cold-stunned sea turtles

Inhabitat - Innovation

Over 4,500 sea turtles have been rescued in Texas


93% of industry without skills to meet 2050 climate targets

Envirotec Magazine

Only half (53%) of UK engineering firms think net zero by 2050 is achievable for them. 1 in 2 are currently experiencing a skills gap or limitations in their current workforce (46%), however due to the current economic climate, recruitment is currently their lowest priority (35%).

Chengdu Tianfu New Town Landscape blends tradition and modern living

Inhabitat - Innovation

Inspired by Chengdu’s rich history and strong local character, MLA+ crafted a public space that puts a modern spin on local cultural icons


Bluebus electric minibus, with solid-state LMP batteries, operating in France


The French city of Triel-sur-Seine has launched a trial of an electric shuttle service that uses a six-meter electric bus made by Bluebus, a subsidiary of the Bolloré Group.

Global study of 48 cities finds nature sanitizes 41.7 million tons of human waste a year

Envirotec Magazine

An example of a pit latrine, where human waste is deposited in the soil where nature is able to safely sanitise it (image credit: Dr Simon Willcock, Bangor University).

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Ireland’s Energy Market is Unexpected Brexit Victim


The U.K.’s ’s exit from the European Union at the start of 2021 has somewhat predictably affected British business sectors ranging from musicians to lobster exporters. But there’s another Brexit victim that had nothing to do with the U.K.’s

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UK supermarket is first to say ‘no’ to products made with gene editing

Envirotec Magazine

Gene-editing tools such as CRISPR have the potential to favourably alter elements such as flavour, disease resistance and yield, say proponents, but some retail stakeholders and other groups are calling for greater regulation at this stage.

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StoreDot releases samples of its “five-minute” EV battery


In 2015, Israeli battery developer StoreDot announced plans to enter the EV market with battery cells that it said could enable a 300-mile battery pack to be charged in 5 minutes.

Project aims to boost recycling supply chain for luxury cars

Envirotec Magazine

Photo credit: Marco Curaba/ A new research project aims to deliver a sustainable source of rare earth magnets for electric and hybrid vehicles for one of the most sought after luxury car brands in the world.

Sustainable Sourcing: How To Demonstrate Sustainability and Win More Contract Bids

Green Business Bureau

Sustainable Sourcing and Contract Bids. Sustainable sourcing, sometimes referred to as green procurement , has become commonplace in most state and federal contract bids. These federal government and municipal organizations are requiring their suppliers and vendors to be sustainable.

Research promises to reduce toxicity of broken perovskite solar cells

Envirotec Magazine

Scientists at The University of Manchester say they have found a way to increase the environmental safety of perovskite solar cells, thereby boosting their likely uptake.

The Tesla Mafia: Elon Musk’s Ex-Employees Vie To Become His Top Rival

Forbes Green Tech

Musk hasn't simply revolutionized the electric vehicle market — he's created his own billion-dollar rivals.

Sponsored Content: Water managers demand better, faster data

Envirotec Magazine

This article contains paid-for content created in collaboration with OTT Hydrometry Ltd. 2020 was an unusual year in many respects, but for OTT Hydromet, one of the more remarkable features of the year was an unprecedented level of orders for water level and flow monitoring equipment.

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Silicon anode nanostructure could increase battery capacity and lifespan


Image caption: In the first stage, the silicon film exists as a rigid but wobbly columnar structure. In the second stage, the columns touch at the top, forming a vaulted structure, which is strong due to arch action.

Perseverance touches down on the red planet

Envirotec Magazine

NASA’s Perseverance rover , launched in July 2020, landed on Mars on 18 February. The Perseverance’s mission involves exploration of the red planet’s Jezero crater.

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Government and private funding – we need both for the energy transition

Renewable Energy World

by Jill Feblowitz. These days, companies and governments alike are making commitments to net zero emissions. While commitments are good, making progress requires investment.

BorgWarner to acquire AKASOL


BorgWarner and AKASOL have signed an agreement to position BorgWarner to expand its commercial vehicle electrification capabilities. As part of the agreement, a subsidiary of BorgWarner will pay €120 per share in cash for all outstanding shares of AKASOL.

Iberdrola plans first industrial-scale floating offshore wind farm in Spain with an investment of more than €1 billion

Renewable Energy World

Iberdrola is planning what it says will be the first industrial scale floating offshore wind farm in Spain. The 300-MW project will cost more than €1 billion said the company. It will be located off the Spanish coast.

The Week in Impact Investing: Distributed

Impact Alpha

TGIF, Agents of Impact! Distributed systems. Back in the 20th century, the Internet won out over legacy approaches because attributes like resource sharing, The post The Week in Impact Investing: Distributed appeared first on Impact Alpha. The Brief

UGI Utilities to distribute renewable natural gas from Pennsylvania landfill

Renewable Energy World

An electric and gas utility in Pennsylvania and Maryland has signed a deal to bring renewable natural gas from a landfill into its distribution system. UGI Utilities Inc.’s s agreement with Archaea Energy is the company’s first RNG supply interconnect agreement.

Electric Vehicle Share in the US Reaches Record Levels in 2020, according to IHS Markit


While overall registration volumes were down across the industry for the year due to COVID-19 impacts, the fact that EVs experienced such increased share indicates rising consumer acceptance of EVs

Solar backup can keep your power on during hurricanes, wildfires, and other extreme storms


Many of the areas of the country that are most populated are also the most susceptible to extreme weather. It’s a bit ironic because weather is a big part of the reason that these places are so desirable. But when that weather gets extreme, things can get scary.

Energy and Power Quality Meters Market Along With Covid-19 Impact Analysis and Business Opportunities Outlook 2027


Energy and Power Quality Meters Market Scope, Trends, Future Demand 2027

Leveraging Planet Satellite Imagery to Improve Irrigation Intelligence

Planet Pulse

Water plays a critical role in sustainable agriculture production and food security worldwide.

Our View from the Frontlines

Front And Centered

Our View from the Frontlines: What are the Gaps Between Policy and Practice. During this Pandemic? The pandemic has exacerbated the inequities of community health and wellbeing for frontline communities statewide.