Central USA Set Several Wind Power Records In Spring


Earlier this year, the Southwest Power Pool (SPP), the regional transmission organization that manages the electric grid for much of the central United States, set records for the highest share of electricity demand supplied by wind power in both a single-hour period (72%) and a full day (62%). Clean Power Offshore Wind Energy Offshore Wind Farms Onshore Wind Farms Wind Energy Wind Turbines Southwest Power Pool united states US US Wind Energy US wind power

Coronavirus: Falling power demand is impacting clean energy


COVID-19 Energy & Climate Renewable Energy Solar Wind PowerWith the pandemic spurring a dramatic drop in economic activity across Europe, electricity, renewables and carbon prices have also plummeted.

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How a Single UK Turbine Could Prove a New Use Case for Wind Power


A trial to test the concept of using a wind turbine to help smooth peaks and troughs in electricity supply and demand on the grid began earlier this month. These provide the network with flexible demand, generation and storage when requested.

Large-Scale Virtual Power Purchase Agreement to Cover 100% of Henkel’s Electricity Demand in the US


Henkel accelerates climate action and renewable energy usage with plan to generate 100% of electricity needs with virtual wind power purchase.

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Shetland wind power set to reach UK mainland via new HVDC link

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A major renewable energy infrastructure project is to bring wind power from Shetland to the UK mainland via Europe's first multi-terminal high-voltage direct-current (HVDC) interconnection, the firms behind the development announced yesterday.

Nestlé UK bags 15-year wind power purchase agreement with Ørsted

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Deal with Race Point offshore wind farm will cover 50 per cent of Nestlé UK’s power consumption. Nestlé UK has inked a 15-year power purchase agreement (PPA) with Danish wind energy giant Ørsted, securing access to a 31MW share of a wind farm off the coast of Norfolk. The agreement is also a major milestone for the Danish wind developer, marking the biggest fixed-price power deal it has signed to date with a corporate customer in the UK.

Wind Industry Experiences Third Strongest Year on Record With 9,143 MW of Wind Power Added to U.S. Grid


Additional AWEA 2019 Q4 Market Report Highlights: • Wind Farm Construction and Advanced Development Pipeline Up 24% Year-over-Year, representing potential $62 billion in new investment. Rapidly growing Offshore Wind Development Now Accounts for 17% of Development Pipeline, while East Coast States Announced 16 GW in New Offshore Wind Targets. Demand for Wind Power sets new record as Utilities and Businesses Announce 8,726 MW in Power Purchase Agreements.

As global wind power O&M market expands, Rope Partner secures new investors to meet the rising demand for high-quality turbine services worldwide


an international leader in wind turbine blade repair, maintenance and performance-enhancing services, has been acquired by funds advised by Magnesium Capital LLP (Magnesium Rope Partner, Inc.,

California Renewable Curtailments Surge as Coronavirus Cuts Demand


California grid operator CAISO has been curtailing renewable energy at record levels this year, as the state’s ever-rising share of solar power during daylight hours increasingly outpaces electricity demand. Adding to its challenges, the grid operator is now contending with falling power demand caused by the coronavirus pandemic. Grid operator ISO New England reported 3 percent to 5 percent declines in system demands in the previous week.

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Coronavirus: Falling power demand is impacting clean energy


See the original post here: Coronavirus: Falling power demand is impacting clean energy. Business Eco Green a-dramatic-drop covid-19 energy & climate europe pandemic school-closures solar the-pandemic wind-power With the pandemic spurring a dramatic drop in economic activity across Europe, electricity, renewables and carbon prices have also plummeted.

Corporate Renewable Energy Procurement: Traceability and Energy Provenance

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If companies hit their 2030 targets, the demand. Cleantech Insights Energy & Power Renewable Energy Sources Energy Efficiency Energy Grid renewable energy Solar Wind powerCorporate renewable energy procurement is booming. In 2019, over 400 companies committed to science-based targets.

Saudi Arabia set to build first wind farm

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Saudi Arabia, the world’s biggest oil exporter, is poised to start generating wind power within three years as part of an effort to harness renewable energy to cut local demand for fossil fuels. Energy Efficiency Onshore News Wind Power Solar

Correcting Anti-Renewable Energy Propaganda


In 1989, pro-nuclear lobbyists claimed that wind power couldn’t even provide 1% of Germany’s electricity. A few years later, pro-nuclear lobbyists ran ads in German newspapers, claiming that renewables wouldn’t be able to meet 4% of German electricity demand.

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Climate Assembly UK demands 'strong and clear' government leadership on net zero

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The UK should end sales of fossil fuel cars within 15 years, rapidly scale up wind and solar power capacity, curb growth in air passenger numbers, use carbon labelling on consumer products, and encourage people to eat less meat and dairy in order to achieve its 2050 net zero emissions goal.

Natural Gas beat coal in the US. Will renewables and storage beat gas?

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In April 2019, in the heart of coal country, Indiana regulators rejected a proposal by its electric and gas utility, Vectren, to replace baseload coal plants with a new $900 million, 850 megawatt (MW) natural gas-fired power plant. Regulators were concerned that with the dramatic decline in the cost of renewable energy, maturation of energy storage and rapidly changing customer demand, such a major gas plant investment could become a stranded, uneconomic asset in the future.

Green grid: Surging renewables and low demand cause UK power prices to plummet

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Sunny and breezy weather coupled with lower demand for power due to lockdown prompted negative electricity prices on Sunday. Low demand for power during the current coronavirus lockdown coupled with surging wind and solar generation caused electricity prices to plummet over the weekend, with some consumers on flexible tariffs even being paid to use their electricity, new data indicates.

GOs and REGOs: Corporate demand for renewables rose across Europe in 2019, data confirms

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Strong growth in corporate demand for renewable energy backed by European certificates of origin outpaced supply in 2019, data shows. Demand for renewable energy backed by verified certificates of origin grew across Europe last year, outpacing the growth in supply, the latest data from the Association of Issuing Bodies (AIB) today indicates. The growth in demand for renewable energy last year was largely driven by Sweden, France and Germany, the statistics show.

Corporate demand for renewables rises across Europe in 2019, data indicates

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Strong growth in corporate demand for renewable energy backed by European certificates of origin outpaced supply in 2019, data shows. Demand for renewable energy backed by verified certificates of origin grew across Europe last year, outpacing the growth in supply, latest data from the Association of Issuing Bodies (AIB) released today indicates. The growth in demand for renewable energy last year was largely driven by Sweden, France and Germany, the statistics show.

Shutdowns have not shut down renewable energy and green infrastructure investments

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Falling costs for solar and wind power, in contrast, are accelerating the rise of renewables, which in turn is attracting continued interest from investors. The latest data point: Strong demand from pension funds and other institutional investors for Copenhagen Infrastructure Partners’ latest renewable energy fund, The post Shutdowns have not shut down renewable energy and green infrastructure investments appeared first on ImpactAlpha.

Clean energy and markets are the solution (not scapegoat) for California’s blackouts


Record heat for several days across parts of the state strained the power grid so much that it started rationing electricity, for the first time in almost 20 years. 15, resulted in an electric grid unable to meet customer demand.

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Consumers Are Playing a Big Role in Keeping the Lights On in California This Week


Although temperatures dropped a bit on Monday, California still faces excessive heat warnings similar to those issued last week, driving air-conditioning demand. Several out-of-state power grids also reported emergency conditions on Monday and Tuesday. Why did power plants drop offline?

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Wind Energy Is More Beneficial Than Fuel

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Wind energy is well-known for its capability to cut electricity costs for consumers as it replaces the produced fuel with wind energy free of charge. Due to this factor, wind energy is strongly beneficial compared to traditional energy sources and power generators.

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Midwest Grid Operators Seek to Unlock Clean Energy Transmission on the ‘Seam’


Midwest has massive wind power potential, and it’s a growing target for solar power projects as well. That’s a big problem for wind and solar power developers targeting the region. The U.S.

Midwestern Utility Evergy Pledges Carbon Cuts in Line With Paris Accord


Evergy has become the latest utility to pledge to long-term carbon cuts even though the states it serves, Kansas and Missouri, aren’t demanding them. On Friday, the 1-million-customer utility, formed last year by the merger of Westar Energy and Kansas City Power & Light parent company Great Plains Energy, announced plans to cut carbon emission by 80 percent from 2005 levels by 2050. Kansas is a leading market for wind energy among U.S.

New York?s Energy Transition (and Challenges) in 5 Charts


Grid operators around the world are unusually busy these days, but few have quite as much on their minds as NYISO, the independent system operator that manages New York state's bulk power system and wholesale energy market. New York state’s zero-carbon energy goals will require new transmission to carry upstate wind and hydro to downstate markets, plus a wave of new batteries and other balancing agents to balance the state's increasingly intermittent renewable mix.

Limejump wins trading contract for Scotland's first subsidy-free wind farm

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The Shell-owned company is set to trade the power generated at the 46MW Crossdykes project through National Grid's Balancing Mechanism. Shell-owned energy tech company Limejump has secured a contract to trade the electricity produced by Scotland's first subsidy-free wind farm, it announced yesterday. The project is currently under development, consisting of 10 turbines which are expected to provide enough power to supply almost 45,000 homes.

How Duke’s Unique Energy Landscape Dictates Its Path to Net Zero


or the wind-rich Great Plains, or even those sharing the same Atlantic coastline. Some of those pathways move more dramatically toward closing coal plants or halting new natural gas power plants. Others rely on options like offshore wind that are untested in the U.S.,

How NextEra Overtook ExxonMobil As The Largest U.S. Energy Company

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Nine months later that value is $140 billion as the company grapples with the decline in energy demand brought on by the pandemic. The company has used the stable cash flows from its regulated Florida power utility (70% of revenue) to help finance its investments in renewables (30% of revenue). In the process, NextEra became the largest producer of wind and solar power in the world.

Funding the Next Generation of Efficient, Electric, Grid-Interactive Communities


homes and commercial buildings consume roughly two-fifths of the country’s overall energy, three-fourths of all electricity, and account for most of the peak electricity demand that drives generation and power grid infrastructure costs.

This carbon challenge is bigger than cars, aviation and shipping combined


The world’s kilns, reactors, chillers and furnaces are powered mostly by fossil fuels. . RNG also can be blended into regular natural gas pipelines with minimal modification, much the way that input from windmills can flow onto the same grid as power generated by a coal plant. .

Storm Ellen powers UK wind farms to new generation record

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Wind power provided almost 60 per cent of the UK's electricity in the early hours of Saturday morning, providing a fresh milestone ahead of a busy week for the fast-expanding industry. StormEllen 's gales brought the highest ever share of #wind power on the #electricity system ???

‘Math Doesn’t Yet Add Up’ for Utility Decarbonization Goals: Deloitte


Each still plans to build new natural gas power plants in the near term, despite the additional emissions they will cause. That’s largely because of the costs of early retirement of still-productive power plants. Stage 2: ‘reshape’ the demand side of the grid.

Virginia Inks Largest-Ever State Government Renewable Contract


Virginia has inked a 420-megawatt solar and wind power contract, the largest single procurement of renewable energy to power U.S. Thursday’s deal with utility Dominion Virginia includes 75 megawatts of onshore wind power from Apex Clean Energy and 345 megawatts of solar projects. It has no wind farms within its borders, mirroring the onshore wind sector's painfully slow progress across the Southeast.

Renewable Energy Growth Continues At A Blistering Pace

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The Review provides a comprehensive picture of supply and demand for major energy sources on a country-level basis. Previous articles covered overall energy consumption , petroleum supply and demand, natural gas , and coal.

Google Pledges 24/7 Carbon-Free Energy by 2030


The promise commits the tech giant to an even more aggressive program of sourcing clean energy and enabling the infrastructure to make it available even when the sun isn’t shining and the wind isn’t blowing. Google's supply, demand and policy approach.

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