Water innovation ‘fantasy league’

Envirotec Magazine

An event with a strong track record for selecting technologies that go on to succeed in the water arena, BlueTech Forum (Vancouver, 7-8 June) has selected its first tranche of “innovation showcase” companies.

Why should the Asian Development Bank care about sustainable cooling?


ADB should play a more active role in stimulating green cooling innovation, writes Sindra Sharma-Khushal of climate change think tank E3G As the world warms, heat stress will harm economic productivity and worsen inequality across Asia.


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Cool retro boats restored with electric motors

Inhabitat - Innovation

For those planning a summer day on the waterways of Lake Michigan, there's a new ecological option that will help you spend the day boating in sustainable style.

‘Fantasy league’ reveals future of water innovation

Envirotec Magazine

Event organiser BlueTech Research has announced the first “innovation showcase” companies who will appear at the BlueTech Forum event in Vancouver, Canada, on 7-8 June 2022. They have created a dream lineup of innovations to be showcased at BlueTech Forum 2022. “I

Cool, California ranch house in San Francisco is a sustainable gem

Inhabitat - Innovation

Malcolm Davis Architecture has created an incredible home design that includes a stunning indoor-outdoor layout as well as several sustainable elements

Liquid air: A cool option for energy storage?

Envirotec Magazine

Liquid Air Energy Storage (LAES) uses electricity to cool air until it liquefies, so it can be stored until an opportune moment arrives when it can be brought back to a gaseous state and used for power generation. Innovation in liquid air energy storage.

Infinite Cooling Has the Potential to Capture 400 Billion Gallons of Lost Water Annually

Greentown Labs

Photo courtesy of Infinite Cooling. Industrial cooling towers use about as much water as all U.S. Infinite Cooling uses electric fields to capture 20 percent of water losses from those power plants, data centers, and other industrial facilities. The recovered water can be reused in the cooling tower, reducing the plant’s water consumption and cutting its costs. This is one area where you can have a huge impact,” says Maher Damak, CEO and co-founder of Infinite Cooling.

Cooling a hidden threat for climate change and sustainable goals, says Oxford study

Envirotec Magazine

Past research suggests that growing international demand for cooling has the potential to drive one of the most substantial increases in greenhouse gas emissions in recent history. A new study, led by the University of Oxford and published on 19 October in Nature Sustainability , sets out a framework for delivering sustainable cooling. It also examines cooling needs in the context of sustainable development, and finds that this is a global blind spot.

Passively cooled Californian beach house channels Australian vibes

Inhabitat - Innovation

The Seaside Reef House celebrates indoor-outdoor living and sustainable design

Sculptural aluminum roof keeps Cal Poly building cool

Inhabitat - Innovation

California State Polytechnic University's (Cal Poly) Pomona campus recently welcomed a new gateway building that not only consolidates academic services, but also serves as a sustainable campus landmark. Los Angeles-based firm CO Architects designed the 140,000-square-foot building, a two-wing structure topped with an eye-catching aluminum roof that spans two acres

REBRANDED transforms factory-rejects into cool streetwear


REBRANDED is a new sustainable clothing line out of Los Angeles. Launched in February 2022, REBRANDED wants to revolutionize the way we view fashion. Inhabitat sat down with founder and CEO Tricia Hoke to discuss what inspired this new fashion line of discarded materials

Breezy, prefab home stays naturally cool in tropical Costa Rica

Inhabitat - Innovation

Sustainable design practice A-01 (A Company / A Foundation) has combined traditional tropical architecture elements with modern prefabrication to produce the No Footprint House, a contemporary and energy-efficient abode that boasts a minimal environmental footprint

Cool collaboration? Firms showcase SIM card made from recycled refrigerators

Envirotec Magazine

” “This innovation project with Veolia will support our telecom customers in their ecological transition by transforming waste into environmentally responsible SIM cards,” said Emmanuel Unguran, Vice President, Mobile Connectivity Solutions at Thales.”

Why compatible components are a must for liquid cooling systems


As EV charging liquid cooling system designers look for areas to optimize thermal management efficiency, sustainability and reliability, they have started to explore innovative system components. Sponsored by CPC.

The future of the fashion industry requires innovative circular systems


The future of the fashion industry requires innovative circular systems. Yitzac has innovated again around the creation of a yarn system that allows us to produce stronger-than-traditional virgin yarns that are also higher performing than traditional synthetics. The Sustainable MBA.

Cool New Eco-Friendly Cars That Aren’t Teslas

Green Living Guy

Fortunately, persistent and tireless innovation has improved electrical. The post Cool New Eco-Friendly Cars That Aren’t Teslas appeared first on Green Living Guy. Believe it or not, electric cars have existed as long as gasoline-burning ones have.

20 C-suite sustainability champions for 2021


20 C-suite sustainability champions for 2021. These 20 C-suite executives have steered their companies forward through much disruption, providing inspiration for the possibilities of advancing sustainability, social responsibility and circular business models — sometimes all at once.

Passive design keeps House Under Shadows cool and near net-zero


House Under Shadows is actually two houses, connected through passive design elements to provide efficient space for two families in a sustainable way. The structure is located in Karnal, Haryana, India, and was designed by Zero Energy Design Lab

The top 25 most sustainable fleets


The top 25 most sustainable fleets. But the beverage maker has a big sustainability plan and is taking a first-mover approach to decarbonizing its dedicated fleet of around 1,600 vehicles. It's not just about cool tech, though. Katie Fehrenbacher. Mon, 10/26/2020 - 02:00.

Brewery Sustainability: Getting Started Guide for Business

Green Business Bureau

SUSTAINABLE BREWERIES. There are many actions breweries can take to reduce their environmental footprint, prevent pollution, conserve natural resources, and be a model of sustainability. These actions are what’s needed for brewery sustainability.

The Sierra Club's Top 20 Cool Schools

Green Market Oracle

Despite the additional complications posed by the coronavirus pandemic a record 312 institutions participated in Sierra's annual Cool Schools rankings in 2020. Sustainability has become de rigeur in academia, explained Katie O'Reilly, Sierra's adventure and lifestyle editor.

Water Street Tampa hits major sustainability milestone

Inhabitat - Innovation

Fast forward to January 2020, and the ambitious 56-acre neighborhood in the heart of Downtown Tampa is making headlines again with its new cooling plant, one of the first buildings to open

These bioclimatic student dorms use low-cost, sustainable materials

Inhabitat - Innovation

In the tropical Vietnamese province of Dong Nai, Southeast Asian architecture firm T3 Architects has completed the Hippo Farm Bioclimatic Dormitories, a cost-effective housing structure that uses locally sourced materials and bioclimatic design principles to stay naturally cool and comfortable year-round

Keeping it cool: O2 data centres aim to take the heat off carbon emissions

Business Green

Mobile giant reveals plans to harness new smart cooling technologies to slash emissions from its data centres. O2 has announced plans to harness smart cooling technology to save energy at its data centres and core network sites to the tune of one million kilograms of CO2 every year.

Solar-powered umbrella uses the sun to cool you down


So it makes sense that the same type of umbrella could be adorned with solar panels, allowing it to collect the sun’s energy in order to provide a cooling result. Can we use the power of the abundant summer sunshine to make our holiday experience more sustainable?”

Green Funding and Financing to Support Your Sustainability Program

Green Business Bureau

In this Green Business Bureau article, we give a brief introduction to green funding and financing options that are available to you, to support your sustainability program. Our aim is to help you achieve your sustainability goals. Funding your sustainability program using grants.

HVAC 105

A tightrope walk ahead for corporate sustainability managers


A tightrope walk ahead for corporate sustainability managers. Amidst numerous uncertainties surrounding post-COVID corporate climate, one thing is certain: Sustainability managers will face multifaceted challenges. . If you want sustainability, take off two zeroes." .

Brewery Sustainability: Getting Started Guide for Business

Green Business Bureau

SUSTAINABLE BREWERIES. There are many actions breweries can take to reduce their environmental footprint, prevent pollution, conserve natural resources, and be a model of sustainability. Within each tip, we give real-world examples of breweries doing better on the sustainability agenda.

Polestar Explores Cool And Radical Sustainable, Vegan Fabrics And 3D Print

Forbes Green Tech

Volvo And Geely’s electric performance brand, Polestar, looks to the sustainable future with innovative eco and vegan interior materials such as Bcomp’s natural fiber, 3D-knit fabric for seats and reused wine corks and fishing nets for carpets

Researchers test seawater air conditioning as a renewable cooling alternative


A new study led by the International Institute of Applied System Analysis (IIASA) indicates that using seawater air conditioning is a greener alternative to conventional AC and could reduce cooling costs significantly.

Passive design keeps House Under Shadows cool and near net-zero


House Under Shadows is actually two houses, connected through passive design elements to provide efficient space for two families in a sustainable way. Meanwhile, vertical gardens filter the air while helping to cool the space.

Golf Course Sustainability Guide for Owners and Operators: Getting Started

Green Business Bureau

Golf Course Sustainability: Balancing Business with Protecting the Environment. If you own, operate or manage a golf course, it’s time to get serious about sustainability and become a more eco-friendly business. The good news is that a more sustainable business is good for business.

Transaera’s Air Conditioning Tech Offers a 5x Reduction in Climate Impact Over Traditional ACs

Greentown Labs

Transaera’s Sorin Grama and Matthew Dorson accept the Global Cooling Prize Finalist award. He also knew he wanted to work on refrigeration and collaborate with some of the talented people who helped design and manufacture Promethean’s breakthrough cooling technology.

Sustainable Manufacturing Guide: Getting Started

Green Business Bureau

Sustainability in manufacturing is gaining traction and the companies that are engaging in eco-friendly or green practices are becoming more efficient, driving down expenses, differentiating from their competitors and positioning themselves to get ahead of legislation.


Aligned closes $1 billion sustainability-linked credit to green data centers

Impact Alpha

Dallas-based Aligned uses energy-efficient cooling systems and has committed to 100% renewable energy for its facilities. A $1 billion credit facility to support Aligned’s sustainability goals, structured by ING Capital, will reward the company with a reduced interest rate if it hits impact.

TED Talk: Covering the Desert in Solar Panels

Strategic Sustainability Consulting

With all that being said, modern technology has allowed for solar panel innovation which enables future solar panels to absorb more sunlight and ensure that the light dislocates the electrons. change management climate change innovation nature people SSC sustainability

How to Create a Sustainability Program: A 10 Step Guide To Creating a Purpose-Driven Business

Green Business Bureau

Sustainability Program Challenges. Despite the continued CEO efforts and rising customer, employee, investor and political interest, many businesses are struggling to integrate sustainability into the core of their operations. A Managed Portfolio Of Sustainability Plans.

Water-Efficiency is No Longer a Pipe Dream: How companies are addressing the global water shortage

Strategic Sustainability Consulting

For example in Phoenix, AZ, a state with little rainfall and affected by the mega-drought, Google opened a data center that uses one million gallons of water per day to cool the facility. Pharmaceutical company Abbott has set ambitious 2030 sustainability targets.

InventWood Takes on the Buildings Sector’s Emissions with Superpowered Wood

Greentown Labs

In addition to being far more sustainable, the MettleWood I-beam is 80 percent lighter and estimated to be about 50 percent cheaper, according to the startup. InventWood is clearly creating sustainable alternatives to steel, concrete, and plastic, but just how sustainable are its materials?

Does the WRI’s new Sustainable Food Future report need an update already?

AFN Sustainable Protein

Its researchers proudly brandished a 96-page “synthesis” of its World Resources Report: Creating A Sustainable Food Future. The challenge is sufficiently large, however, that many solutions will require technological innovations.

Sustainability Statements: How To Write One That Resonates with Employees and Customers

Green Business Bureau

Becoming a sustainable business starts with establishing priorities and formally writing a sustainability mission statement or what we at Green Business Bureau call a “green mission statement”. The sustainability statement is a supplement – not a new corporate mission statement.

Waste 78

From materials innovation to modular construction: The property sector plots its pathway to net zero

Business Green

Zero emissions equipment, modular construction methods, and materials innovation have all been touted as avenues the industry must explore to drive down these emissions in line with the UK's national net zero emissions goal.

Hyperdrive Innovation and BorgWarner Gateshead acquired by Silicon Valley electric motor pioneer

Business Green

UK battery manufacturer Hyperdrive Innovation and electric vehicle (EV) tech firm BorgWarner Gateshead have been acquired by a Silicon Valley-based electric motor developer that has been backed by Bill Gates, Amazon's Climate Pledge Fund, and film star Robert Downey Jr.