How Sustainability Innovation Is Driving The Green Economy

Green Business Bureau

WHAT IS SUSTAINABILITY INNOVATION? In the world of business, sustainability innovation can be defined as the process of evolving old business models and creating new ventures that realize economic value and generate positive environmental and social impacts simultaneously.

Trends in Water & Circular Economy Innovation with Kim Baker

Elemental Excelerator

As we embark on recruiting for Elemental’s Cohort 11, we spoke with each of our Directors of Innovation about what they’re looking to fund this year, what motivates them in their work, and much more. What’s one thing about climate innovation that you wish more people knew?


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Mineral Wool in Green Roofs – From Zero to Hero?

Green Roof Technology

Against any semi scientific promotional material from Mineral Wool applicators, the market share of mineral wool in the German Green Roof construction industry is around 0.1% or out of 100 million square foot new green roof construction every year (Germany) it is only around 100,000 sf/year.

California winery innovates with sustainable recycling creation


Covered with a photovoltaic roof, the Saxum Vineyard Equipment Barn is not only self-sufficient, but also champions environmentally friendly design principles that include material reuse , rainwater collection and responsible stormwater management practices.

LEED Platinum Sonoma Academy building takes cues from Californias landscape


Designed by architectural firm WRNS Studio and built by Silicon Valley-based XL Construction, the low-carbon building is a powerhouse of sustainable systems including solar panels , a living roof and stormwater management.

SUNY New Paltz Engineering Innovation Hub achieves LEED Gold


In New York’s Hudson Valley region, the public liberal arts college SUNY New Paltz has earned a LEED Gold certification award for its newly completed Engineering Innovation Hub building. More: SUNY New Paltz Engineering Innovation Hub achieves LEED Gold.

Modular Aquatecture panels can harvest rainwater from the sides of buildings


Developed with modern, urban settings in mind, the modular panels feature a compact profile and stainless steel construction with attractive perforations made for optimal rainwater collection.

US state lawmakers should consider the benefits of community solar

Renewable Energy World

Sometimes the primary concern is how a project would affect the visual makeup of a neighborhood, while other times the priority becomes safety around stormwater runoff and management. Taking an innovative approach. By Josh Lariscy, Blue Wave Solar.

California Ports Turn to Microgrids for Energy Security, Demand Flexibility


The project received a $5 million grant from the California Energy Commission’s Electric Program Investment Charge (EPIC), a ratepayer-funded energy innovation R&D program. The most innovative component of the Port of Long Beach’s microgrid is the mobile battery.

Demand 174

Eco-friendly housing redefines Tanzanian urban architecture


Lush vegetation, including the flourishing fig and tamarind trees, were fully preserved during construction and shade the spaces surrounding the project. Successful eco-friendly designs for the tropics require innovative approaches to mitigate climatic factors.

Supervising Environmental Services Specialist

Women in Cleantech and Sustainability

ESD’s Integrated Waste Management (IWM) division leads one of the largest and most aggressive solid waste management systems in the United States through creativity and innovation. billion infrastructure construction program currently in its first 10-year phase. While all this planning and construction is on-going, the facility is in continuous operation, serving 1.4 Supervising Environmental Services Specialist | City of San Jose | San Jose, CA.

Abandoned amusement park to gain new life as a nature park in Suzhou


The innovative, adaptive reuse project is the work of international firm Tom Leader Studio Landscape Architecture , who won a design competition for the park and brought on California-based Kuth Ranieri Architects for help with the design. Through a shared language of construction, geometries and forms, this cohesive series of structures provides amenities to visitors while seamlessly integrating into the landscape.”

Flood City Fights Climate Change with Infrastructure and Social Media


As a result, this southern flood city has become the spotlighted posterchild of flood prediction and prevention innovations. The city of Miami is focused on prevention first, through industrial solutions; construction, installation, and the erection of barriers.

How to lay the foundation for net zero carbon building projects

Business Green

The forces mobilising behind this include C40 Cities, Architecture 2030, the World Resources Institute's (WRI) Zero Carbon for All initiative, the World Green Building Council's Net Zero Carbon Buildings Commitment and the Global Alliance for Building and Construction's Global Call.

The 2020 GreenBiz 30 Under 30


He’s excited to bring his skills for channeling innovation and building partnerships to achieve broader impact. At Allbirds, Kajimura works closely with co-CEO Joey Zwillinger and vice president of innovation Jad Finck on direct environmental initiatives. The 2020 GreenBiz 30 Under 30.