4 Ways to Reduce Your Company’s Carbon Footprint

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With this in mind, take a look at these four ways to reduce your company’s carbon footprint: 1. Before you can make meaningful changes, you need to know exactly what energy you’re using and what your carbon footprint is. Switch to Renewable Energy.

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Value-added tax: a potential solution for carbon leakage


This system would be burdensome and inefficient but it could make it feasible to practically address carbon leakage. Carbon Policy Carbon Pricing Emissions Reduction European Union Energy Efficiency

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A Carbon Hierarchy for (Net) Zero Carbon Construction


This is Part 2 of Zero Carbon Series. See Part One Carbon That Was then This is Now. Construction projects are carbon-positive: Strict carbon planning and management is key. The largest reductions came from the use of high-mass and energy- intensive materials.

Unlocking a Circular Carbon Economy


Unlocking a Circular Carbon Economy. . Marcius Extavour, the Executive Director of Prize Operations in Energy & Resources with Carbon XPRIZE, discusses how to create a circular economy that will also tackle climate change.

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Leveraging the ocean's carbon removal potential


Leveraging the ocean's carbon removal potential. Achieving this not only will require reducing existing emissions, but also removing carbon dioxide already in the air. Another proposed approach is large-scale seaweed cultivation , as seaweed captures carbon through photosynthesis.

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Reducing Your Carbon Footprint

Green Living Guy

Many people have heard about their carbon footprint and would like to find ways to become more environmentally conscious. Your carbon. The post Reducing Your Carbon Footprint appeared first on Green Living Guy. Devastating wildfire seasons, super hurricanes and rising sea levels.

Is Carbon-Neutral Possible for Airlines?

U.S. Green Technology

For aviation, reaching carbon neutrality to be sustainable is going to be harder than with other industries. Still, experts remain hopeful that carbon-neutral airlines will become the norm in the future. Carbon neutrality refers to maintaining a net-zero level of carbon emissions.

6 lessons on zero-carbon energy systems from countries leading the way


Built Environment Energy & Climate Policy & PoliticsFrom Brazil to Denmark and India to Turkey, nations around the world are strategizing to decarbonize.

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Vincent Callebaut envisions a carbon-neutral district for France

Inhabitat - Innovation

Archiborescence is a proposal to turn Lille, France into a sustainable, carbon-neutral district that produces more renewable energy than it consumes

An inside look at pricing in the forest carbon market


An inside look at pricing in the forest carbon market. And on July 21, Apple committed to become 100 percent carbon neutral across its entire business, supply chain and product life cycle by 2030. . For starters, geographies may vary for each carbon project developer.

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VERGE Accelerate: Carbon Pitch Session


VERGE Accelerate: Carbon Pitch Session. Today’s session highlights five entrepreneurs building solutions related to carbon removal. Brandon Marques, VP of Strategy & Finance, Carbon Direct. Nicholas Eisenberger, Managing Partner, Pure Energy Partners.

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Using waste carbon feedstocks to produce chemicals


Using waste carbon feedstocks to produce chemicals. The extent to which new CCU technologies become commercially successful is based on multiple factors, including proximity of the consuming entity to the source of the waste carbon. Carbon Removal. Carbon Capture.

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We Just Have To Capture The Carbon Before It Enters The Atmosphere

Jim Conca

Energy /energy Business /business Energy /energy Innovation /innovation Green Tech /green-tech Business energyPNNL scientists are developing unique properties of a solvent known as EEMPA to capture CO2 from flue gas emitted by fossil fuels, but that allow it to sidestep the energetically expensive demands incurred by traditional solvents. They also have found a way to sequester the CO2 when they capture it.

Carbon colloquium

Envirotec Magazine

Environmental consultancy Aqua Enviro has announced the programme for the virtual event “Delivering Net Zero Carbon in Wastewater Management”, scheduled to take place on 29 September 2020. United Utilities will present on the topic of quantifying carbon.

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Cutting Concrete’s Carbon Footprint


That is significant because cement, the critical glue that holds concrete together, is so carbon intensive that if it were a country, it would rank fourth as a climate polluter. EC3 launched last year under the auspices of the Carbon Leadership Forum in Seattle.

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Microsoft's Elizabeth Willmott on the company's carbon neutrality commitment


Microsoft has been committed to reaching carbon neutrality in its operations since 2012. Elizabeth Willmott manages the company's carbon program, which partners with other internal teams and external supply chain companies to expand how it is reducing its climate impacts. Carbon Removal Carbon Removal Corporate Social Responsibility decarbonization Energy & Climate GreenBiz Studio VERGE Renewable Energy Procurement

Could green hydrogen be key to a carbon-free economy?


Could green hydrogen be key to a carbon-free economy? And what energy product will be used both to power this city and sell to the world? The Saudis aren’t alone in believing it’s the next big thing in the energy future. Energy & Climate. Renewable Energy.

This wallet can tell you about its carbon impact


This wallet can tell you about its carbon impact. It’s using blockchain software from IBM to track and disclose carbon impact data related to the production of its products, marketed as carbon-negative. Hence, Covalent’s ability to make a carbon-negative claim. .

Why carbon tracking and reporting is necessary to hold corporations accountable


Why carbon tracking and reporting is necessary to hold corporations accountable. Now, new breakthrough climate accounting technologies are emerging as solutions to track and verify energy and carbon emissions, and report energy purchases and consumption. Carbon Removal.

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Orchestrating the energy transition: Tuning into buildings


For the sector to play its part means adopting aggressive energy efficiency, zero-carbon and grid-interactive strategies, especially for existing structures. Buildings Energy & Climate Energy Efficiency

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Modern passive house is carbon-negative and energy-positive

Inhabitat - Innovation

A minimalist passive house in East Devon generates more energy than it needs through solar panels

FedEx pledges to be carbon neutral by 2040


FedEx pledges to be carbon neutral by 2040. Global logistics giant FedEx on Wednesday announced a goal to be carbon neutral by 2040. FedEx has committed $100 million to the new center, which will focus on biological and geological ways to capture and store carbon emissions.

5 Steps to Building and Designing a Sustainable, Energy-Efficient Home

Green Living Guy

Then why not build one that saves you on your energy bill and is less harmful to the planet. However, smaller houses are more … Read More 5 Steps to Building and Designing a Sustainable, Energy-Efficient Home. Are you thinking of building a home?

Oil companies aren’t making big investments in a low-carbon future yet


Carbon Capture Energy & Climate oil Renewable EnergyBut some companies are showing an interest in it.

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Salesforce, Accenture and a tipping point for carbon accounting


Salesforce, Accenture and a tipping point for carbon accounting. With that heightened visibility comes questions about accountability and accounting — specifically carbon accounting. Heather Clancy. Thu, 01/28/2021 - 01:30.

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Beyond emissions: The life of a carbon molecule


Beyond emissions: The life of a carbon molecule. Carbon is everywhere. Carbon atoms flow through all living organisms, from the atmosphere to the earth to the oceans and back again. So, how do we catalyze an evolution of carbon-related economic activity all over the world?

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The Long Duration Energy Storage Search – How Close are we to Low Costs and Zero Carbon?

CleanTech Group

As renewable energy continues to proliferate, a gap in the market is appearing for long duration energy storage demand that lithium-ion, coal-plants and. Energy Efficiency Energy Storage Industrial Energy Efficiency Long Duration Energy Storage

How Renewable Energy Is Being Used by Construction Companies

U.S. Green Technology

has decreased their dependency on carbon energy more than any other country in the world. The post How Renewable Energy Is Being Used by Construction Companies appeared first on U.S. Energy Efficient Building Build Green green jobs Renewable energy

Revamped Energy Efficiency Programs Are the Key to Deep Carbon Reductions


governments at all levels are prioritizing climate action and setting intense carbon-reduction goals. The electric power industry is a long-standing partner in this push toward a clean energy future, as demonstrated by its significant CO2 emissions reductions. Energy orchestration.

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What are the Carbon Emission Scopes 1, 2, 3?

Green Business Bureau

Greenhouse Gas Accounting and Carbon Emissions Scopes. Carbon emission scopes 1, 2, 3 are the three recognized scopes for carbon (GHG) accounting. Carbon emissions calculations are important when considering the sustainability of any operation. Carbon Emissions Scope 1.

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The energy sector’s carbon emissions are rising, not falling — can COP25 turn it around?


COP Energy & ClimateThis year’s United Nations Climate Change Summit (COP25) opened in Madrid against a backdrop of mounting urgency. In the last 12 months, the U.N.’s

The truth about hydrogen, the latest, trendiest low-carbon solution


Energy & Climate hydrogen Renewable Energy Rocky Mountain InstituteAs misconceptions about the emerging tech abound, we can dispel common myths to encourage hydrogen's potential for decarbonization.

BMW, Ford, other automakers rev up carbon commitments


BMW, Ford, other automakers rev up carbon commitments. The world's biggest automakers are ramping up their carbon commitments even as they struggle to build back in the wake of the pandemic. . Are the automakers doing enough when it comes to carbon emissions?

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2nd Annual Future of Carbon Policy Forum

Low Carbon Prosperity

2nd Annual Future of Carbon Policy Forum. The 2nd Annual Future of Carbon Policy Forum brought together over 100 participants to build momentum and collaboration in achieving carbon reduction goals in the state. 5-Kenneth-Dragoon-RHA-Future-of-Carbon-Policy-Dec-2019.

A tidal wave of new carbon emissions data soon will be upon us


A tidal wave of new carbon emissions data soon will be upon us. A radical increase in available carbon emissions data may be just around the corner. Sustainable investments should grow as divestment from carbon-intensive industries intensifies. Carbon Removal.

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Episode 252: Duty to democracy, lower-carbon labs


Episode 252: Duty to democracy, lower-carbon labs. Is this the secret formula to lower-carbon labs (18:25). Research laboratories use far more energy than commercial offices. Heather Clancy. Fri, 01/22/2021 - 02:15. Week in Review. Stories discussed this week (5:40).

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Selling Renewable Energy. to Your Team


Selling Renewable Energy. Today’s corporate energy manager faces a challenging balancing act: how to accommodate cost and renewable energy goals, all within an organization’s risk tolerance. Moderator: Sarah Golden, Senior Energy Analyst & VERGE Energy Chair, GreenBiz.

Google Pledges 24/7 Carbon-Free Energy by 2030


Google on Monday pledged that by 2030 it will run its entire business on carbon-free energy — every hour of every day of the year. West driven by increased heat and dry conditions linked to global warming from human carbon emissions.

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The energy transition is coming on fast, but not fast enough


Solar and wind are still growing at a furious pace, but two influential reports suggest that without a massive policy response on issues including carbon capture and storage, the shift to clean energy will be too slow to avoid dangerous warming. Carbon Capture Energy & Climate Renewable Energy

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Electric boilers fuel Diageo’s carbon-neutral whiskey distillery dream


Electric boilers fuel Diageo’s carbon-neutral whiskey distillery dream. But Diageo’s new 72,000-square-foot distillery is designed to be completely carbon-neutral. Diageo wouldn’t comment on the exact financial costs or long-term savings associated with the carbon-neutral facility. .

Is Carbon Transparency Coming?


A handful of companies have experimented with labeling the carbon content of their products, but it's never caught on. Logitech CEO Bracken Darrell recently called carbon “the new calorie" after the electronics maker implemented a new CO2 label on all its packaging.

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How innovator Bill Gross’s solar breakthrough could decarbonize heavy industry


The renowned entrepreneur and investor discusses the evolution of Heliogen and his new concept for capturing carbon. Carbon Removal decarbonization Energy & Climate Renewable Energy Solar

Coronavirus: Falling power demand is impacting clean energy


With the pandemic spurring a dramatic drop in economic activity across Europe, electricity, renewables and carbon prices have also plummeted. COVID-19 Energy & Climate Renewable Energy Solar Wind Power

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