Carbon Pricing & The Energy Transition


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Greening The Grid: Resource Adequacy, Intermittency, & Carbon Pricing


To green the grid, we must adopt a strategy of meeting our energy needs with low-cost renewable wind and solar resources. The obvious question is how to resolve the intermittency issue (what happens when the wind doesn’t blow or the sun doesn’t shine).

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Virginia Legislature Passes Sweeping Carbon Reduction & Renewable Energy Plan


Virginia this week passed a sweeping Clean Economy Act designed to reduce in-state carbon emissions to zero by 2050 and close most coal-powered generating stations by 2024.

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Empire State Building Slashes Carbon Emissions By 40% With Energy Saving Upgrades


Today, it is once again sending a message of hope that lowering carbon emissions from the built environment is not only possible, it is the fiscally responsible thing to do. In 1931, the Empire State Building was a beacon of hope to a world devastated by economic collapse.

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Carbon Pricing and Lighting, EVs, Heat Pumps, & Electric Everything


What does the US need to do to help the world prevent the worst of climate change? End the use of fossil fuels fast. Many are stepping up to the challenge with aggressive goals. The EU wants to be fossil free by 2050.

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Tiny New “Artificial Jellyfish” Taps Wave Energy For Carbon Capture


A new wave energy device that resembles a jellyfish achieves sustainability trifecta: carbon capture, clean power and renewable formic acid. Clean Power Marine Energy City University of Hong Kong Electricity renewable hydrogen Wave Energy

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Vulcan Is A Step Closer To Net-Zero-Carbon Lithium Production


Vulcan’s world-first first Zero Carbon Lithium™ process extracts battery-grade lithium from geothermal brines, a process which also provides a renewable energy source to power the extraction process.

Apple Plans To Go 100% Carbon Neutral — Including Supply Chain — By 2030


Apple is making big changes to its supply chain and products by committing to be 100% carbon neutral by 2030. The company announced on its website that it's already carbon neutral for corporate emissions globally and that it wants to bring its entire carbon footprint to "net zero.".

7 Things To Know About Decarbonization In The American Energy Innovation Act


A new legislative package on energy is working its way through the U.S. The American Energy Innovation Act (AEIA) is a compilation of dozens of energy bills that have passed the Senate Committee on Energy and Natural Resources, most with bipartisan support.

Solar Energy Kicks Carbon Capture Butt In Wild Renewable Energy Rampage


South Dakota dives into the solar energy pool while neighboring Wyoming struggles with carbon capture to keep coal power plants on life support. Clean Power Solar Energy Solar Power Plants Basin Electric Geronimo Energy national grid South Dakota wyoming

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Behold The Lithium Carbon Dioxide Battery!


Researchers at the University of Illinois- Chicago say they have developed a lithium carbon dioxide battery that has seven times the specific energy density of a traditional Li - ion battery and lasts for 500 charge/discharge cycles.

Alliance For Clean Energy New York Pushes For Carbon Fee On Thermal Generating Stations


The Alliance for Clean Energy New York is advocating for a carbon fee to more accurately align carbon emissions from generating stations with the environmental impacts they cause.

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It’s The Economics, Stupid! The Case For Carbon Fees


New research claims adding a fee on carbon emissions would spur innovation and drive greater efficiency in the energy and transportation sectors. Carbon Pricing Climate Change carbon fee carbon tax Elon Musk fossil fuels untaxed externality

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Why Put A Price On Carbon? To Protect The Energy Workers Who Made America Great


Senator Sheldon Whitehouse and union president James Sleviin propose a price on carbon emissions as the fairest way to protect the workers who provided America with the energy it needed to become a great nation.

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U.S. Energy-Related CO2 Emissions Fell By 2.8% In 2019


energy-related carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions declined by 2.8% Energy Information Administration’s (EIA) Monthly Energy Review. energy consumption united states USin 2019 to 5,130 million metric tons (MMmt), according to data in the U.S.

Defending 100% Clean Power: An Energy Efficiency Approach


Michael Moore infuriated sustainability advocates recently with his Planet of the Humans "documentary." And that frustration was quite justified.

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Global Carbon Taxes: Are We Paying Enough?


The report argued that it is possible to switch from a reliance on fossil fuels to cleaner energy and still sustain vigorous economic growth and generate employment. Carbon Pricing Carbon Tax Policy & Politics carbon tax IMF

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German Utility RWE Commits To Carbon Neutrality By 2040


German electric utility giant RWE has announced its intention this week to become carbon neutral by 2040 and to transition into one of the world's leading renewable energy companies. . Biomass Clean Power Coal Fossil Fuels Solar Energy Wind Energy carbon neutral Germany RWE

Volvo Factory In China Runs On 100% Renewable Energy


Volvo Cars continues its march towards being a carbon-neutral manufacturing company by 2025 with a 100% renewable powered factory in China. Clean Power Hydroelectric Solar Energy 100 percent renewable 100 percent renewable energy Carbon Emissions Made in China renewable volvo Volvo Cars

Covid Nineteen : Carbon Dioxide Nil


Whilst global megadeath was an unreservedly bad thing, on the brighter side, May 2020 gave the UK (and the rest of the world) a glimpse of how a low-carbon future will look, painting in even more vibrant colours the picture that had begun to emerge in April, the first full lockdown month.

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What Is The Best Approach To Putting A Price On Carbon Emissions In The US?


Carbon Pricing Climate Change Policy & Politics ACD Americans for Carbon Dividends Bill Hurley carbon tax Citizens Climate Lobby Citizens' Climate Lobby of San Antonio EICDA Energy Innovation and Carbon Dividend Act Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change san antonio Texas Washington StateForward by Kurt Lowder My friend and mentor, Bill Hurly, now retired, has found a fulfilling mission in fighting for climate change.

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BP Wants To Slash Carbon Emissions, But Has No Plan For Doing That


Fossil Fuels BP BP Reimaginging Energy campaign Carbon Emissions carbon tax fossil fuelsBrian Looney, the new CEO of BP, says his company will slash emissions from operations by 2050. But there's more. He also says it wants to cut emissions from the oil and gas it sells.

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Costa Rica Is At Nearly 100% Renewable Energy For Electricity


Clean Power Geothermal Energy Grid Hydroelectric Policy & Politics Wind Energy 100% renewables carbon neutral costa rica costa rica renewable energyCosta Rica got more than 99% of its electricity from renewables last year. It wants to do better.

Sprint To Go 100% Carbon Neutral, 100% Renewable Electricity


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Mayor Pete’s Climate Plan Has Good Coverage & A Carbon Price, But Too Little Funding


The major saving grace is the price on carbon. Pete Buttigieg's climate action plan is not nearly as strong as Warren's, and the lack of funding puts it close to the level of Biden's at the bottom of the heap.

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Researchers Announce A Battery That Runs On Lithium & Carbon Dioxide


Researchers at UIC claim they have created a lithium-carbon dioxide battery with greater energy density than conventional lithium-ion batteries. Batteries Energy Storage lithium carbon dioxide battery University of Illinois at Chicago

The Green Transition Virus


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Volkswagen Praises Tesla, Commits To More Renewable Energy


Clean Power Clean Transport Consumer Technology Electric Cars Electric Vehicles Green Economy Manufacturing Solar Energy Wind Energy carbon neutral manufacturing Elon Musk Herbert Diess Tesla volkswagen Volkswagen renewable energy

Carbon Capture On The Ropes At San Juan Coal Power Plant — Or Not


Why invest in carbon capture to clean up after coal, when you can skip the middleperson and pluck CO2 straight from the atmosphere.

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Offshore Wind Helps Boost UK Renewable Energy To New Record


Renewable biomass plants made up 12% of the energy system while solar panels contributed 6%. Clean Power Offshore Wind Energy Onshore Wind Farms Wind Energy carbon brief offshore wind UK UK renewable energy record 2019

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Yang Would Spend $3 Trillion On Residential Solar, But The Same Money Could Decarbonize The Grid Entirely


trillion budget, would only impact 2% to 5% of US energy consumption. Jacobson united states US Energy Policy us politics Yang2020Yang’s single largest dollar expenditure, 62% of his US$4.9

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Is Carbon-Neutral Possible for Airlines?

U.S. Green Technology

For aviation, reaching carbon neutrality to be sustainable is going to be harder than with other industries. Still, experts remain hopeful that carbon-neutral airlines will become the norm in the future. Carbon neutrality refers to maintaining a net-zero level of carbon emissions.

Value-added tax: a potential solution for carbon leakage


This system would be burdensome and inefficient but it could make it feasible to practically address carbon leakage. Carbon Policy Carbon Pricing Emissions Reduction European Union Energy Efficiency

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Good News: USA Had Largest CO2 Reduction In The World In 2019


This news comes from data gathered by the International Energy Agency (IEA). There is a bit of good news to share that might have slipped under your nose. The USA had the largest CO2 reduction in the world for 2019.

BP walks away from three U.S. trade groups over carbon pricing


Carbon Policy Energy & Climate oil Policy & PoliticsFrom Apple to Unilever to Coca-Cola and PepsiCo, more big companies are partings ways with industry associations that support policies at odds with corporate sustainability goals.

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Cleantech Fights Back Against Pandemic & Carbon Emissions


Clean Transport Climate Change Energy Efficiency Health IPCC Keeling Curve noaaWhat progress is cleantech making to mitigate climate emissions.

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6 lessons on zero-carbon energy systems from countries leading the way


Built Environment Energy & Climate Policy & PoliticsFrom Brazil to Denmark and India to Turkey, nations around the world are strategizing to decarbonize.

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CleanTechnica Exclusive: A case study into a technology that should be set aside until 2050, Carbon Engineering’s air-to-fuel fig leaf


Researching air-carbon capture for use post-2050 remains a very good means of establishing the intellectual capital and basic technologies for when it makes sense to use them.

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Latest EDGAR Report Finds Concern Over Rising Global Carbon Emissions


Despite renewed promises of change, countless calls for the end of burning of fossil fuels, greener solutions for the transport, agriculture, mining, and energy industries and an increase in the number of electric vehicles on the market, global carbon figures have steadily increased.

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A Carbon Hierarchy for (Net) Zero Carbon Construction


This is Part 2 of Zero Carbon Series. See Part One Carbon That Was then This is Now. Construction projects are carbon-positive: Strict carbon planning and management is key. The largest reductions came from the use of high-mass and energy- intensive materials.

The Short List Of Climate Actions That Will Work


The following are the climate change solutions or approaches that I see from my investigations and discussions as gaining consensus and consilience on their viabiilty. It's not the how, but the what.

Using waste carbon feedstocks to produce chemicals


Using waste carbon feedstocks to produce chemicals. The extent to which new CCU technologies become commercially successful is based on multiple factors, including proximity of the consuming entity to the source of the waste carbon. Carbon Removal. Carbon Capture.

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Britain Saying Goodbye To Coal, Sunlight & Wind Climb From 3% To 37% In One Decade


Hello to natural sunlight being our dominant form of energy again. Good bye, coal.