Humanity’s greatest threat: Cascading impacts of climate, biodiversity, food and water crises

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Four of them — climate change, extreme weather, biodiversity loss, and water crises — were also deemed by scientists as most likely to occur. Survey reveals common concern of global scientists and linkages between crises.

Danone cultivates multinational effort to restore biodiversity


Original post: Danone cultivates multinational effort to restore biodiversity. Business Green biodiversity carbon removal emissions farms-and forests from-the-way future manage-ourWhat’s at stake: the future of farming.

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Could abandoned agricultural lands help save the planet?


Some researchers contend there is an opportunity for ecological restoration that could help fight climate change and stem the loss of biodiversity. Carbon Policy Carbon Removal Carbon Removal farmers Policy & Politics Regenerative Agriculture

Biodiversity will be 2020's crisis subject

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Focusing on the low-carbon transition alone is no longer enough. In 2020, business leaders should be developing robust strategies that to embed nature protection into their firm's operations, writes CISL's Gemma Cranston.

On Carbon … Planes, Homes and Emails


Yet carbon is not the only issue for the airlines, it is socially unjust (with only some 15% of the population flying regularly) and the other greenhouse gasses such as NOx do damage to health and environment at point of emission – something that cannot be offset.

Carbon: That was then, This is now


The biggest contribution we can make to the climate crisis is to urgently deliver buildings that are carbon sinks. Our last 30 or 40 years of sustainability reports and events on why we need to understand and monitor carbon hasn’t shifted the sustainability needle.

Naturalis Biodiversity Center reopens with a sustainable, future-proof renovation


After nearly a year of renovations, the Netherlands’ prized Naturalis Biodiversity Center — a museum and research center with one of the largest natural history collections in the world — has just reopened to the public. The complex also better accommodates more than 200 researchers who aim to contribute solutions to global issues such as climate change, the decline of biodiversity and food supply challenges.

Regenerative Agriculture: Agricultural Revolution or Carbon Pricing Capitalism?

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The aim is to use farming practices that increase soil health through increased biodiversity, water retention, topsoil protection, and other farming process improvements. One key measure of healthy soil is carbon content.

Quorn introduces carbon footprint labeling


is now leveraging carbon labeling on more than half its product line. Carbon labeling delineates where greenhouse gas emissions are associated with production, manufacture, distribution and transport of a particular consumer product as it is brought to market.

5 truths companies should consider when using US forests as a natural climate solution


Business Green action-on-the adapted-from and-private biodiversity carbon removal driving change Eco the-partIt will take concerted action on the part of both public and private actors. View post: 5 truths companies should consider when using US forests as a natural climate solution.

Carbon-neutral, prefab development targets sustainable urbanism for Rotterdams Rijnhaven area


The development is also designed with carbon-neutral targets and aims to increase biodiversity on both land and water. The rest is here: Carbon-neutral, prefab development targets sustainable urbanism for Rotterdams Rijnhaven area.

Building Over Bluebells


The twin crises of climate breakdown and biodiversity loss are the most serious issue of our time. Buildings and construction play a major part, accounting for nearly 40% of energy-related carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions whilst also having a significant impact on our natural habitats.

Let’s not be hypocritical on forests

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As a result, encouraging others to follow a different development path than our high carbon/habitat-destroying industrialisation must be handled delicately. Uncategorised biodiversity habitat politicsThe Amazon burning story has been horrific ecologically, but fascinating politically.

Could abandoned agricultural lands help save the planet?


Some researchers contend there is an opportunity for ecological restoration that could help fight climate change and stem the loss of biodiversity. Business Eco Green and-stem carbon policy contend-there farmers supply-chain under-increasingView post: Could abandoned agricultural lands help save the planet?

Ski atop the worlds cleanest waste-to-energy plant in Copenhagen


Six years after breaking ground, CopenHill — a waste-to-energy plant topped with a year-round ski slope — is officially open, marking a major milestone in Copenhagen’s journey to becoming the world’s first carbon-neutral city by 2025.

Alliance of more than 11,000 scientists warns that our planet faces a climate emergency


Doing so can help reduce short-lived pollutants like black carbon (soot), hydrofluorocarbons (HFCs) and methane, thereby slowing climate feedback loops and minimizing any warming trends. Habitat and biodiversity losses must be avoided by curtailing forest overharvesting and mismanagement. Besides, forests rapidly sequester and capture carbon, so increasing reforestation measures is advantageous to the environment and climate.

Old Paris railway site will transform into a carbon-neutral ecosystem neighborhood


In addition to the creation of large public parks, the neighborhood will include carbon-neutral architecture and renewable energy systems. Other sustainable features include photovoltaic panels mounted onto the roofs, planting plans that promote biodiversity and the use of natural materials and prefabricated low-carbon concrete floors. Read the original: Old Paris railway site will transform into a carbon-neutral ecosystem neighborhood.

Silicon Ranch partners with organic livestock farm in Georgia for solar sheep grazing

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A partnership between White Oak Pastures and Silicon Ranch will encourage regenerative practices on solar farms.

Measuring the success of climate change adaptation and mitigation

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It is essential to take an integrated view of mitigation, adaptation, biodiversity, and the needs of people, to realize potential synergies and avoid conflict between different objectives. Restoration on Bolton Fell Moss (photo credit: Natural England).

myfoods smart greenhouses can grow nearly 900 pounds of produce a year


Combining permaculture principles with smart technology to monitor plant health, the myfood smart greenhouses aim to change people’s relationships with food as a means of reducing the global carbon footprint.

New approach aims to coordinate conservation efforts, connecting local actions with international goals

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Researchers at the University of Oxford and their collaborators have launched a new approach to tackling biodiversity loss “in a coordinated way.” The loss of biodiversity is increasingly recognised as a crisis, linked to climate change, which needs urgent action.

Henning Larsen unveils plans for Copenhagens first all-timber community


Proposed for a former dumping ground site, the development promotes sustainable living, a reduced carbon footprint and a harmonious relationship with nature. With the rural village as an archetype, we’re creating a city where biodiversity and active recreation define a sustainable pact between people and nature.” + Henning Larsen Images via Henning Larsen. A sustainable, nature-filled neighborhood unlike any other in Denmark could soon take root just beyond Copenhagen’s city center.

WWF: Environmental degradation on course to cost global economy £8tr

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Key impacts include loss of natural coastal and flooding protection, disappearance of natural carbon storage sinks, and steep rises in prices of key commodities.

Still in the dark about targets? Observers respond to the UK government’s Environment Bill

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Soil and biodiversity. Furthermore, the Soil Association said: “There needs to be a target on the reduction of pesticide use”, an “essential” element “if we’re to reverse the huge decline in insects and biodiversity”.

Steps some of the most sustainable countries are taking to protect our oceans

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The strategy involves sustainable fish production, collaboration between ocean-based industries and the reduction of carbon emissions. Prince Albert II of Monaco is passionate about marine biodiversity and the need to protect it. Marine conservation is vital.

1 trillion trees are great, except when they’re not: Paper aims to clarify benefits of nature-based solutions approach

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The concept of nature-based solutions broadly refers to working with and enhancing nature to address major challenges, from climate change to biodiversity loss and poverty alleviation. Tree-planting gained President Trump’s support in late January as a tool to fight climate change.

Leaving trees alone might be better than planting new ones


In recent years, Moomaw has turned his attention to working on natural solutions to climate change and has become a leading proponent of what he calls “proforestation” — leaving older and middle-aged forests intact because of their superior carbon-sequestration abilities.

A Letter to the Earth


The days are contracting, COP25 debates commercial carbon against a backdrop of daily bad news records. Youth hope sails across oceans, raising many voices, as heat, ice, water, fire and carbon, our vital elements, move into interconnected feedback loops.

Sustainable Countries to Visit in 2020

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But in recent years, the tourist industry has shifted to meet another demand; we’re all looking to reduce our carbon-footprint, and several destinations stand out as being especially laudable in their eco-friendly efforts.

Ethical beef? Fresh range goes UK-wide with 'wildlife-friendly' red meat

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The producers fresh-range works with are taking measures to address climate change, restore biodiversity, and protect endangered native species such as bees, butterflies, birds and hedgehogs, the firm added.

An Emergency Declaration


At the time of writing some 370 UK architect practices have signed up to Architects Declare, a declaration that acknowledges we are in a Climate and Biodiversity Emergency. Accelerate the shift to low embodied carbon materials in all our work.

Indigenous groups call for urgent action to protect Amazon headwaters region in Peru and Ecuador

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In the face of the Amazon fires and the State of Emergency in Ecuador that have captured the world’s attention, indigenous leaders and allies are presenting an inspiring vision for the future of a region that is considered to be the most biodiverse terrestrial ecosystem on the planet and contains 3.8

A Promise of Declarations


Coupled with recent findings from the IPCC , the UK’s CCC Net Zero Report and inspiration from Greta Thunberg and school strikers, over 100 local authorities, have declared a climate emergency and / or committed to net zero carbon by 2030 or 2050.

Negative Emission Technologies And Land Use

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Given the Paris Accord’s aspirations, the climate challenge facing humanity can be expressed in simple terms: halve annual carbon dioxide (CO 2 ) emissions by 2030, halve them again by 2040, and again by 2050.

Report from engineering consultancy considers best and worst scenarios for the future of the planet

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C due to climate action and fostering biodiversity being at the top of the agenda. · ‘Post Anthropocene’, in this future, human society and planetary health exist in a harmonious relationship. The report considers what shape the world will be in by 2050.

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