California’s Shift From Natural Gas to Solar Is Playing a Role in Rolling Blackouts


But the blackouts were also a side effect of the state’s increasing shift to solar power and away from natural-gas-fired generators, according to state grid operator CAISO and Wood Mackenzie analysts.

Dominion Energy Highlights Move from Natural Gas to Offshore Wind in Q3 Earnings Call


Dominion Energy marked two key milestones in its Thursday third-quarter earnings call — its exit from its interstate natural gas pipeline business, and its latest steps toward building the mid-Atlantic’s first gigawatt-scale offshore wind farm. billion, 800 MW Vineyard Wind project has seen its 2022 target date to become the first large-scale U.S.


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Sustainable fleets are at an inflection point


Companies and cities are increasingly adopting lower-carbon fleets — including trucks and buses that run off electricity, renewable diesel and renewable natural gas — according to a new report from the research team at Gladstein, Neandross and Associates (GNA). .

Digital innovation: how National Oil Companies can meet the methane challenge

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National Oil Companies (NOCs) produce more than half of the world’s oil and gas, and control nearly 90% of proven reserves still in the ground. Methane is the main ingredient in natural gas, and the global oil and gas industry leaks more than $34 billion of natural gas annually.

Sustainable fleets are at an inflection point


Natural gas trucks are big but slowing: There are already 53,000 registered natural gas vehicles in the U.S., although propane only reduces greenhouse gas emissions over diesel by 20 percent.

Texas likely to add 10 GW of utility-scale solar capacity in the next two years

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According to survey reports on EIA’s Preliminary Monthly Electric Generator Inventory, Texas will add 10 gigawatts (GW) of utility-scale solar capacity by the end of 2022, compared with 3.2 GW in 2022, which will bring total installed solar capacity in Texas to 14.9

Japan Mulls Nuclear Revival Not Even 3 Years After Fukushima

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In the wake of Fukushima, Germany began closing nuclear plants out of safety concerns, with a plan to denuclearize the country completely by 2022. Ecocentric Nuclear disaster electricity Fukushima meltdown natural gas nuclear oil power radiation shinzo abeIf there was one thing that seemed certain in the wake of the Fukushima Daiichi meltdown in 2011—the worst atomic accident since Chernobyl—it was that nuclear power in Japan and the rest of the world was in major trouble.

Could Bloom fuel cells be a solution for maritime emissions issues?


It's aiming to be the first shipbuilder to deliver a cargo ship for ocean operation that runs entirely on fuel cells powered by natural gas. Bloom and Samsung want to show off their workable design in 2022. Could Bloom fuel cells be a solution for maritime emissions issues?

PG&E Gets on Board with All-Electric New Buildings in California


Thursday’s letter from PG&E vice president Robert Kenney to the California Energy Commission is a notable concession by the state’s largest utility to the constraints its natural gas operations will face under California’s push to attain zero-carbon emissions by 2045.

Bloom Energy Soars After Launch Into Green Hydrogen Market


Bloom’s core product is its Energy Server, which converts natural gas into electricity through an electrochemical process without combustion, reducing carbon emissions compared to conventional gas-fired power generation and doing away with other forms of air pollution entirely.

AEP Energy signs long-term PPA for 80-MW Opdenergy solar project

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Decarbonization is key to POWERGEN 2022 in Dallas. The plant is expected to be connected by the end of 2022. AEP Energy supplies electricity and natural gas to more than 500,000 customers in six states and Washington, D.C.

Debate on California All-Electric New Buildings is Coming to a Head


California’s shift toward ending natural gas use in new buildings is reaching a decision point. A single all-electric baseline would prioritize all-electric construction, and make it much more difficult for gas in construction to happen," Grab said.

The 5 Biggest US Utilities Committing to Zero Carbon Emissions by 2050


At the very least, utilities will need plans that can get them most of the way there, while rushing ahead with next-generation technologies: long-duration energy storage, small modular nuclear reactors or green hydrogen and methane to fuel natural gas peaker plants.

NextEra Energy Looks to Spend $1B on Energy Storage in 2021


That investment will include the 409-megawatt Manatee Energy Storage Center in Florida that NextEra announced last year, which will be powered be solar panels and replace a pair of aging natural gas-fired plants. Cheap natural gas no match for renewables, NextEra says.

Three-Quarters of New US Generating Capacity in 2020 Will Be Renewable, EIA Says


gigawatts of natural gas-fired plants to come online this year. Older natural gas-fired power plants in California will account for most of the 3.7 The U.S.

PG&E’s Latest Energy Storage Procurement Includes Fleet of Behind-the-Meter Batteries


Pacific Gas & Electric is asking state regulators to approve another massive round of energy storage procurements, including its first large-scale contract for behind-the-meter batteries to serve grid needs.

The top 25 most sustainable fleets


Of course, all that trucking delivers a big greenhouse gas footprint: 10 percent of Anheuser-Busch's carbon emissions come from transportation. At the same time, it's already adopting renewable natural gas to power its natural gas trucks in its short-haul fleet. .

Bloom Energy Charts a Future in Hydrogen Fuel Cells, Electrolysis and Carbon Capture


megawatts of hydrogen-powered fuel cells through late 2021 to 2022, and Bloom’s analyst day presentation in December set a 2022 delivery date for its electrolyzers. Bloom’s natural-gas-fueled Energy Servers remain its bread and butter at present.

So Big It’s Boring: The Rise of Utility-Scale Solar


1 spot until 2022 when the combination of the stepdown of the federal Production Tax Credit and the growth in solar causes wind to drop to second place.

PPAs in place for Indiana Crossroads wind and solar parks with combined

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The BTA will allow for the construction of the 200-MW Indiana Crossroads Solar Park in White County, which is anticipated to become operational in 2022. NIPSCO serves approximately 820,000 natural gas and 470,000 electric customers across 32 counties.

Even in Coal-Heavy Kentucky, Corporations Can’t Stay Away From Solar Power


Though coal is steadily losing its crown, new natural gas combined cycle plants will remain more economic than building large-scale solar projects in some parts of Kentucky for the next couple years.

New Estimates Predict a Lot More Renewable Power Growth in the U.S. Very Soon


power forecast , the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission ( FERC ) has predicted major declines for fossil fuels and nuclear power alongside strong growth in renewables by 2022, according to a review of the data by the SUN DAY Campaign, a pro-renewables research and education nonprofit. Tags: natural gas Power Generation cost of renewable energy federal energy regulatory commission (FERC) murray energyRead time: 5 mins After revising its three-year U.S.

Examining the emerging hydrogen industry in Australia

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Mature Thermochemical technologies include steam methane reforming (SMR) which relies on natural gas as an input and coal gasification which relies on coal. In contrast, the global hydrogen market is expected to reach $155 billion by 2022.

Nikola receives order for 2,500 electric refuse trucks


Nikola says on-road testing is “likely to begin in early 2022,” and deliveries will begin in 2023. Battery capacity will be up to 720 kWh, and total power will be a software-limited 1,000 hp, which Nikola says is “nearly three times the horsepower of natural gas and diesel options.”. Zero-emission truck startup Nikola has secured an order for at least 2,500 electric refuse trucks (expandable up to 5,000) from Republic Services, the second-largest solid waste hauler in the US.

BP and Ørsted Launch Green Hydrogen Partnership


It is hoped the site will be operational by 2024 with a final investment decision in 2022. That term incorporates hydrogen produced from natural gas with carbon capture technology in place, or so-called blue hydrogen.

Keep your eyes on these 9 electric truck and van companies in 2021


That's one reason a group of fleet leaders who spoke at the GreenBiz VERGE 20 conference late last year said they’re integrating renewable natural gas and other efficiency improvements alongside a long-term push to electrify.

California Nears Tipping Point on All-Electric Regulations for New Buildings


In 2022, the game-changer is likely to be new rules to tip the market toward all-electric new construction. Stakeholder workshops on the 2022 update are expected to be held in late August or early September.

Using Solar to Displace Fossil Fuels for Process Heat in Industrial Facilities


At many of these facilities, fossil fuels, and especially natural gas, are the energy feedstock used for process heating applications. America’s craft beer industry, to cite one example, could be an ideal market to turn to solar thermal technology in place of natural gas. beverage sector for boiler and process heat came from natural gas. Cheaper than natural gas.

Plus Power Breaks Open New England Market for Massive Batteries


The upshot is that a region with big climate goals and physical constraints on its natural gas supply will meet its hours of greatest electricity demand with a bit more battery power and a bit less gas-fired power. Gas plants are the go-to source of on-demand power for the U.S.

Total and Marubeni to Build 800MW Solar Plant in Qatar Ahead of World Cup


French oil major Total and Japanese conglomerate Marubeni have won the rights to build Qatar’s first utility-scale solar PV project, due online in time for the 2022 World Cup. The first 350 megawatts will be operational next year with the full project scheduled for completion in 2022.

Wisconsin Utility Alliant Energy Pledges Net-Zero Carbon by 2050


Coal made up 31 percent of its capacity as of 2018, while natural gas accounted for about 42 percent. Wisconsin lacks a state carbon reduction mandate, but Alliant and fellow Wisconsin utility Madison Gas & Electric have set their own zero carbon by 2050 goals.

Carbon 130

DOE provides NYPA, EPRI $200,000 to research long-duration storage

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The first phase of the NYPA project will be a feasibility study on the integration of the crushed-rock thermal energy storage into a range of fossil generation assets, which is expected to be complete in early 2022.

Southern California Edison Inks Another Massive Round of Utility-Scale Battery Contracts


If approved by the California Public Utilities Commission, the NextEra contract is set for delivery in 2023, while the other two utility-scale projects are schedule to come online in 2022. Pacific Gas & Electric is contracting seven battery projects totaling 423 megawatts , or nearly 1.7

Exelon to Split Generation Business from its Regulated Utilities


The plan, which will require approval from federal and state regulators, would separate Exelon’s six regulated electric and gas utilities, dubbed “RemainCo,” from its competitive power generation and retail energy business, dubbed “SpinCo.” Exelon Corp.

Plug Power Raises $1.5B to Tap Into Green Hydrogen Economy in Asia


Plug Power CEO Andy Marsh said in a Wednesday statement that the relationship with SK Group “offers immediate strategic benefits” to expand into Asian markets and is intended to yield a formal joint venture by 2022. Plug Power has raised $1.5

Asia 130

California Demands 3.3GW of New Resources by 2023 to Meet Looming Grid Shortfall


California regulators have approved a 3.3-gigawatt "all-source" procurement that will pit new renewables, energy storage, demand response and other clean resources against natural gas-fired power plants in a race to meet what could be a major shortfall in grid capacity in the next four years. The all-source procurement is technically open to existing natural gas plants. gigawatts by 2022.

Demand 100

DERConnect will enable researchers to test integration of renewable energy and EV batteries into the power grid


Most utilities struggle with the fact that renewable and distributed energy sources are not as stable as legacy sources such as natural gas power plants.

BP and Ørsted launch green hydrogen project at German oil refinery

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Final investment decision is due for 2022. produced by reforming natural gas, which does result in CO2 emissions. Dev Sanyal, BP’s executive vice president for gas and low carbon, said: “Hydrogen will have ?an

Plug Power Raises $1B for US Green Hydrogen Infrastructure Build-Out


and around the world, comes from steam reforming of natural gas, which carries a significant carbon emissions footprint. It hopes to secure additional clean power sources to open its first two green hydrogen facilities by 2022 and have all five operational by 2024.

IEA: Global Renewables Capacity to Grow in 2020, Despite Pandemic


Wind plus solar will overtake coal capacity in 2024 and will eclipse natural gas even earlier, in 2023. While IEA recognizes that renewables growth could mellow in 2022 due to policy headwinds — such as the expiration of tax credits in the U.S.

Xcel Targets $1.4B in Wind and Solar Investments, Outlines Broader Carbon-Reduction Goals


But they’re also part of a broader Upper Midwest Energy Plan that includes increasing its wind portfolio by about 3,700 MW, or about 55 percent, by 2022, and adding about 3,000 MW of solar to its current 750 MW by 2030. Xcel Energy is asking Minnesota regulators to approve $1.4

Can the US Catch Up in the Green Hydrogen Economy?


Hydrogen Economy” report forecasts that hydrogen from low-carbon sources could supply roughly 14 percent of the country’s energy needs by 2050, including hard-to-electrify sectors now dependent on natural gas such as high-heat industrial processes or manufacturing fertilizer.

Ameren Sets Goal of Net-Zero by 2050, Plots Major Wind and Solar Expansion in Midwest


GW of natural gas, 1.2 Coal and natural gas remain for decades. Ameren has joined the ranks of U.S.