Four Oil and Gas Spills that are Worse than we Thought

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Taylor Spill A 2019 report states that a spill that began in 2004 may rival the Deepwater Horizon. Ohio fracking well Another epic spill that has turned out to be worse than originally thought is the 2016 Porter Ranch methane leak.

This ultra-strong nanomaterial could cut carbon emissions — and it’s made out of garbage


Since graphene was discovered in 2004, demand for the material has skyrocketed thanks to its remarkable physical qualities. For more than a thousand years, humans have dreamed of transforming a worthless substance (lead) into something precious (gold).

Want to prevent California’s looming flood disaster? Grow a marsh.


When Jones Tract, a delta island, flooded in 2004, the damage cost $90 million to fix. DWR measures the CO2 and methane emissions from the wetlands it created on Sherman Island. Saltwater and brackish marshes don’t release nearly as much methane as freshwater wetlands, she explains.