SDG15: The fight for life on land

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On top of that, the land plays host to much of the planet's biodiversity, providing incalculable benefits to humanity and the global economy, starting with the pollination that underpins the global food system. Essentially, without biodiversity, we would not exist, let alone develop".

Tug of War: The Impact of Climate Change on Economic Development


This group of stunning islands was at the forefront of the Tsunami destruction in 2004. Besides being a hub for biodiversity, it is also home to forest-dwelling tribal communities who would be evicted from their homes and their way of life.

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The connection between coronavirus and wildlife exploitation


Back in 2008, a team led by chair of ecology and biodiversity at UCL Kate Jones found that 60% of the 335 diseases identified between 1960 and 2004 came from animals.

Governments are Acting to Curb the Fires in the Amazon

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The Amazon generates one fifth of the world's oxygen and it is the single largest reservoir of fresh water and biodiversity on Earth. The proposed two-step process will involve collaborating with Amazonian countries to fight fires, protect biodiversity and reforestation.