Tug of War: The Impact of Climate Change on Economic Development


This group of stunning islands was at the forefront of the Tsunami destruction in 2004. Climate Asia climate economics politics povertyClimate change and global warming are issues that define our times.

Ricoh launches 14th annual Eco Action Day, pledging to tackle key sustainability issues in the areas of energy use, climate action, and responsible consumption


Singapore, April 1 2020 - Ricoh Asia Pacific (Ricoh), the Japanese multinational imaging electronics company, today launched its 14th annual Eco Action Day campaign. Clean energy is a growing topic of interest in Singapore and Asia Pacific. Ruder Finn Asia.

Asia 81

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Planet Data Helps Scientists Track the Impacts of Natural Disasters

Planet Pulse

From 2004–2017, there were nearly 5,500 landslides worldwide , resulting in the loss of nearly 60,000 human lives. Hurricanes and tropical cyclones are two major drivers behind landslides in the Caribbean, Central America and Southeast Asia.

The connection between coronavirus and wildlife exploitation


Related: Coronavirus and its impact on carbon emissions The wildlife trade in Asia often includes the selling and transporting of animals while they are still alive, making it particularly risky to human health.

Chris Cook?s tour of the oil markets: from Nixon to Trump

Low Impact

I wrote about this in the Asia Times at the time. Subsequently, in 2004, we made a presentation to the central bank in Iran, and we got the contract to do a feasibility study.