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A toxin banned decades ago is found in one of the deepest parts of the Pacific Ocean


No one would expect to find pollutants in such a place,” said Professor Ronnie N. in 1979 and eventually worldwide in 2001. Today, they linger in the soil and cause problems when people are exposed to the compounds. PCBs, like other pollutants, are not water-soluble, which means they don’t break down in water.

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The Gloria Barron Prize for Young Heroes Encourages Youth to Save the Planet

Green Living Guy

Established in 2001 by author T. Gloria Barron Prize for Young Heroes The Gloria Barron Prize for Young Heroes is a national award that celebrates inspiring, public-spirited young people from across the U.S. and Canada. Barron, the Barron Prize annually honors 25 outstanding young leaders ages 8 to 18 who have made a significant […].


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Spotlight on the Tongass for National Public Lands Day

Green Market Oracle

The Department of Agriculture recommended granting a "full exemption" from the 2001 Roadless Rule. The trees and soil in the Tongass sequester more carbon dioxide—more, acre-for-acre, than the Amazon rainforest. Ninety-six percent of the public comments sent to the Forest Service supported Alaska's Roadless Rule protections.

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2021 will be a record year for beaver releases

Envirotec Magazine

The Wildlife Trusts have been at the forefront of beaver reintroduction and projects in Britain ever since Kent Wildlife Trust released the first pair into a fenced area of fenland in 2001, followed by the Scottish Beaver Trial in 2009.

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Revealed: How Big Dairy Is Milking Net Zero


Importantly, this does not require its highly polluting supporters to cut greenhouse gas emissions – or even to have a plan for doing so. But instead of reducing its pollution, improving efficiency has only enabled it to produce more milk – and with it, more emissions.

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Media brief: What are carbon offsets and how can they be used?

Clean Energy Canada

Offsets offer a carbon polluter (like the operator of a steel plant) an additional option to comply with government rules that limit carbon pollution. How offsets are created and the extent to which they are used dictates their effectiveness at reducing pollution. WHAT ARE OFFSETS? REFERENCES. Thamo, T. & & Pannell, D.

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Learning how to garden a forest


Between 2001 and 2019, the U.S. Wildfires now account for nearly half of the fine-particle pollution in the West. This means that every time we do something in the forest, we ask, ‘What is in the best interest of animals, plants, soil, water, air, and humans?’ The implications extend nationwide.