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Groundwater monitoring underpins management of the Great Fen

Envirotec Magazine

In 2001, five organisations came together to set out a vision for the Great Fen, with the aim of providing a more sustainable future for the area. Firstly, there has been a huge impact in local ecology and biodiversity with the loss of a large area of wetland. The ground level at Holme Post is now 2.75

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Learning how to garden a forest


This array of species and surfaces reduces fire intensity and promotes biodiversity. These critics argue that thinning is a ploy to increase commercial logging and that severe wildfires are critical for forest health and biodiversity. Between 2001 and 2019, the U.S. Prescribed-fire professionals ignite cultural burns.


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Is it irresponsible or ‘doomism’ to predict societal collapse?

Low Impact

I’ve been saying it since was launched in 2001, when it was a more unusual position to take than it is now. When Lowimpact started off in 2001, it was much more difficult to engage people. Let’s explore whether they’re right, but first let me just say that I think he’s spot on when it comes to the likelihood of collapse.

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Review of ‘A Small Farm Future’ by Chris Smaje

Low Impact

Modern, large-scale agriculture destroys soil and wildlife, and uses vast amounts of fossil fuel energy. Industrial monocultures are destroying ecosystems, poisoning watercourses and removing soil, and don’t produce as much per hectare as small farms anyway. It’s not something that can continue if we want to survive, let alone thrive.

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Media brief: What are carbon offsets and how can they be used?

Clean Energy Canada

Carbon offsets have been enabled under international law in the 1997 Kyoto Protocol and were first used internationally in 2001. Other research has highlighted the risks of offsets potentially leading to negative outcomes for biodiversity, for example by introducing invasive species or negatively affecting key ecosystem processes.

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20 C-suite sustainability champions for 2021


The Brazilian company, listed on the New York Stock Exchange one year ago, sells beauty and biodiversity as intertwined. Mason, who was raised in Queens, is one of the few senior Black executives in banking, at Citi since 2001 in a slate of leadership roles including CEO of Citi Private Bank.

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The Sierra Club's Top 20 Cool Schools

Green Market Oracle

At this ag-ed powerhouse, popular courses include Food Systems and Intro to Sustainable Agriculture, and researchers are working to enhance carbon sequestration through crushed-rock soil amendments and devising seaweed-based cattle feed amendments to slash dairy cows’ methane emissions.

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